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34.5 weeks+just been told MW 'thinks' baby has flipped to breech....

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sonnyd Thu 29-Sep-11 16:39:14

Had been feeling very pleased+lucky that all was going v well after my previous two mw appointments (at 28 weeks and 31 weeks) where I was told baby was head down and had moved into my pelvis, but now feel like a rug has been pulled out from under me after my check up yesterday sad

MW wasn't 100% sure what position baby is in but reassured me there is plenty of time for baby to flip again . She told me to just wait till my next aptmt in 2 weeks to see if baby has moved, but I suddenly feel v worried that this is unlikely and am getting stressed at the thought of ecv/ c section.

Has anybody got experience of babies moving this late and any success stories with the inversion exercises?

Would love some reassurance!

strawberrie Thu 29-Sep-11 16:46:45

I was told the same at 36 weeks; my (fab and very experienced) midwife was reasonably sure baby was breech. She suggested spending 15 minutes on hands and knees as much as possible. A few days later I had some very weird movements and then a scan at 37 weeks showed he was head down.

He was born at 39+6, a very straightforward water birth smile

sonnyd Thu 29-Sep-11 21:43:39

That's brilliant strawberrie...exactly what I needed to hear!
Getting down on my hands and knees plenty so fingers crossed it will do the trick.

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