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linea nigra

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angelarrive Thu 29-Sep-11 08:28:00

i m 12 week pregnant now and i m having dark line called linea nigra from 10th week( faint line). what does it represnt ? i have heard that linea nigra appear after 12th week..

Merlioness Thu 29-Sep-11 09:06:36

Every woman has the line, pregnant or not. In pregnancy it may colour in. For some women it is very dark, others like myself, it is more of an olivey shade and less visible.

The line is caused by hormones and has a scent to it, which the baby can smell and crawl along to find the breast. There are amazing videos of newborns crawling up the belly to Mum's breasts and latch themselves on.

Anyway, the colour is though to be in order to visually aid the baby.

HTH smile

P.S. If you are interested in the crawling newborns, it's called the Breat Crawl

ALotToTakeIn Thu 29-Sep-11 14:50:34

That is really interesting I was wondering what it was for. will have to tell DH as he is fascinated by it.

Sandra2011 Thu 29-Sep-11 16:00:00

More information

BedHog Thu 29-Sep-11 16:07:49

Mine hasn't appeared yet and I'm 36 weeks. It came much earlier last time confused.

Merlioness Fri 30-Sep-11 01:44:00

It may not appear in every pregnancy. It is there, just in white (just a tin bit lighter than skin colour) and you can see it in specific positions/light.
Nothing wrong with not having one btw smile

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