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6 weeks pregnant, having pains.

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hippieshake Wed 28-Sep-11 12:10:51


I just found out this morning that I am 6 weeks pregnant. I have PCOS and tend to get pain with that anyway, but I've been getting pain for about 3 days now.

I mentioned it to my doctor this morning and he said it's normal.

Am I just being overly frightened? xx

PiggyMad Wed 28-Sep-11 12:30:34

I had cramping, AF-type pains up until about 9 or 10 weeks and from what I've read it is nothing to worry about unless pains are severe and/or there is bleeding.

Spellcheck Wed 28-Sep-11 12:35:25

At 6 weeks it could be implantation cramps, I did with all of mine. PiggyMad is right, only worry when there's bleeding. Every time I've seen a health professional, they only want to know when there's bleeding, that's how normal cramps are. Good luck! x

hippieshake Wed 28-Sep-11 12:35:53

Thank you.
I think I'm just terrified because we've been trying for a year and I was beginning to think it wouldn't happen. I was due to start taking Clomid next month, then I got the surprise of my life!! haha xx

Spellcheck Wed 28-Sep-11 12:43:55

Oh how lovely!! But now of course you won't stop worrying untill you're holding that little bundle! I am a paranoid wreck...

hippieshake Wed 28-Sep-11 12:45:57

Oh gosh, I'm glad it's not just me who's paranoid. How far along are you?

It's awful, I want to tell everyone but we're waiting until we're past the dreaded 12 week mark xx

Caz19 Wed 28-Sep-11 12:54:52


Thanks so much for posting this thread, I'm also 6 weeks pregnant and have had pain, which has been constant over the past day or two, but dull, not sharp, but no bleeding and have been panicking also. I had a c-section just over a year ago and the pain is exactly on the edge of my scar, so hoping it is to do with this and nothing serious. I remember having pain with my first like you describe and doc wasn't concerned, but you can never stop worrying! Thank you for calming my anxieties. Congratulations also, I know what you mean so hard not to say anything - 12 weeks feels forever away!


hippieshake Wed 28-Sep-11 13:06:09

Caz19 Congratulations to you too!! It's nice in a strange way to know that other women are going through the same. It is quite reassuring. Especially as this is my first. I have no idea what to expect or what's going on. It's scary!! =)


Spellcheck Wed 28-Sep-11 14:11:30

It is scary isn't it? Congrats to both of you. I am 14 weeks 5 days with my 4th. I m/cd last December at 9 weeks and it broke my heart. I had told absolutely everyone I was pregnant because I never had any probs in pregnancy before, except for a bit of pain and bleeding at 7 weeks with DS, so it was doubly hard to have to tell everyone that it wasn't happening, every time I said it, I cried buckets.

Just so you know, when I m/c'd I had pain before bleeding, but the pain was in the middle left of my abdomen and it was quite painful (made me cry out)and persistent. No twinges or stabbings that vanish, they are normal, particularly around the hips, bikini line and the very bottom of the abdomen. It went on for days and got steadily worse before moving across my abdomen. I had a scan but all was normal, but the pain got worse. That was when I started bleeding, and the blood was bright red with clots. Still, the MWs said it didn't necessarily mean the end, though in my case it was.

This pregnancy has turned me into a hypochondriac. I am constantly checking the internet if I have the slightest twinge! Right now I'm off work because I've had terrible lower back and abdomen pain. Went to A&E yesterday, who were uninterested - they said come back if you're bleeding, pains are completely normal, it's probably your age (I'm 37). And actually, they are easing off now I've rested. I've been convinced I'm going to m/c again. Which is a shame because once I got past 12 weeks I was so happy! The worry has ruined any enjoyment, this will be my DP's first dc so I feel so sorry for him, he was also devastated last time, but with luck we'll all be on here in 8 months or so writing posts about how much the baby cries, or cures for nappy rash...! Fingers crossed for us all! xx

Spellcheck Wed 28-Sep-11 14:14:34

Caz19, I forgot to say I had a C-section with my first, and 6 months later was pg again. My scar did sting a bit, but doc said all was normal, scar tissue still new so just stretching. Do mention it at your booking-in appointment but they will probably say the same! x

hippieshake Thu 29-Sep-11 07:23:43

We told my parents last night because I figured if something did go wrong (which hopefully it wont) they'd be the ones I'd want to help me. They were so happy!

I had more pain in the night, it was very low abdomen, and stabbing for about 5 mins then it went. Is this part of normal pains?

I'm thinking of getting a phone consultation with my GP today just to be sure. I feel a bit daft though in case it's just really regular and I'm wasting his time xx

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