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desperate to start maternity leave now!

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tinky19 Tue 27-Sep-11 22:24:57

I've been on here a few times discussing my situation but i'm sooo fed up so here i go moaning again....

DH has moved away for work purposes. (250miles) This weekend we finally moved all our stuff out of our house into new place, so boxes every where to sort before dc2 arrives, and I am living with my parents for the next few weeks as I'm still living (with DS18mo) up north.

We travel down every weekend (as I only work 3 days this is the best way to mximise time as a family) but I am jus sooo tired of it all. I miss my dh so much, he misses our ds terribly. I'm fed up of work and feel like as far as they're concerned i've already gone. (they know that when mat leave ends I wont be back as I'll be down with dh).

I just wish that i could leave now. I know four weeks is nothing but i'm physically and emotionally exhausted. teary (hormonal driven) fare wells every week are getting to me. sad

Livened Tue 27-Sep-11 23:00:49

Hiya, just wanted to say me too and hopefully it will all be worth it when we meet our LO's for the first time.

I'm 24+1, moved house in June, now living back with the in-laws for 4 weeks while we re-wire, re-plaster, new bathroom (basically a total mess). To be honest people keep saying how great it will be once the house is finished in a few weeks time but quite frankly I'm just exhausted with it all!

Also my work have been utter crap and I'm still doing the exact manual sales travelling job I have always done with hugs stress and targets. I'm travel across the UK and really hate being away from my hubby and family and know what you mean about being emotional when being far away from your partner.

Personally I'm taking mat leave asap, but am just hanging on for as long as my sanity can stand it as we need the money for this house!

Hope your mat leave comes round soon (mines 5 weeks and counting plus I've got 3 weeks holiday to claim smile) and just keep focusing on looking after you and your baby - I'm certainly going to from now on (pregnancy yoga c
Ass starts on Saturday for a bit of well earned me time ;)).

Hugs to you and best of luck


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