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Anyone else get Braxton Hicks/backache/rectal pain at 14 weeks?

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Spellcheck Tue 27-Sep-11 20:08:59

Been mentalling since last night. I had a mmc in Dec last year, already have 3 DC from ex-marriage, and my DP and I would love one more. Am currently 14+4 days, have had 12 week scan which showed a 13 week old baby so due date been brought forward. All looked well, baby throwing himself about in there. I have several cherry-tomato-sized uterine fibroids inside the front wall, away from the baby and placenta, which is on the back wall. I've had them for years and been assured they won't affect any pregnancy.

Anyway, have not been able to enjoy this pregnancy owing to previous mc and panicking about the slightest bloody thing. Yesterday I began to notice a pain in my rectum (sorry everyone!) which just felt like I needed to go to the loo but couldn't. Busy day at work, so didn't pay too much attention but noticed I was getting Braxton Hicks contractions. Driving home it became quite bad, and when I got back with the dc, it had started to come in waves, like a spasm that spread from my rectal area all across my lower back and into my lower abdomen, followed by a BH. Quite painful in botty, more of a tightening with a little cramping in lower abdomen and sometimes pressure in vagina. Sometimes feels like uterus, fibroids and baby all trying to get out of my bottom at the same time.

After a sleepless night with this continuing and getting more painful and contraction-like (I had backache labours), I took myself off to A&E this morning, where the usual blood pressure, urine, bloods, temp were taken. Absolutely nothing wrong there. The pain started to subside a little as I was lying there for two hours. The doctor examined my tummy, felt nothing abnormal and I was sent home feeling a little sheepish. Was definitely not taken as seriously as I would have liked!! Came home and spent day on the laptop using Dr Google to make me feel reassured one minute, and suicidal the next. The rest did me good - I noticed it definitely subsided untill I got up, where I had usual round ligament pain in the sides and the rectum/back/abdomen/BH shenanigans would begin again. School runs were hell, who invented speedbumps??

So am now sitting at home, in pain, trying to reassure myself but it's all got bad again. Will start taking paracetamol and hope for the best.
But what I really want to hear is that others have felt this and come through it with a baby at the end...

talktalktalk Wed 28-Sep-11 10:03:13

i have ibs and it sounds alot like you could be having bowl spasoms, it feel's like early stages of labor. even if you'v not had symptoms befor pregnancy can bring them on. all the thing's you do to easy labore will help, it's the same thing going on just using diffrent muscles. if you go to the doc you can get some med's that help, maybe a good way of seeing if that is the problem. if it is it'll have no affect on the baby smile xx

Spellcheck Wed 28-Sep-11 12:30:55

Thanks for the advice talktalktalk, I have long wondered if I have IBS, or a mild version, because I bloat easily, get the runs for no reason whatsoever and sometimes digesting food just hurts. Never had the rectal thingy before but assume it's something to do with pregnancy. A hot water bottle on my back is really helping, it all completely stops until I have to get up to do something so I don't think I am miscarrying. Will ask GP. Thanks again! x

talktalktalk Wed 28-Sep-11 16:22:58

no problem. i hope everything works it's self out, oh and i often get a shooting pain going up my back passage ( it's hard to find a polite way of saying that ) peggers or not althow it has been worse sints i fell this time. good luck.xx

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