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Weight gain during pregnancy?

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Sandra2011 Tue 27-Sep-11 14:05:03

I read somewhere that average weight gain at 18 weeks is 3 kg.

I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant and have gained about 1 - 1,5 kg.

My belly has grown nicely and fetus is active. So I'm not really worried.

What was your situation around this stage?

PamBeesly Tue 27-Sep-11 14:07:43

I'm 18 weeks too Sandra and I've put up 12lbs, I couldn't eat properly (due to morning sickness) for a couple of weeks and lost weight but my appetite came back with a bang and I gained weight back. My GP said that my weight gain was on track.
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy smile

fraktious Tue 27-Sep-11 15:15:15

I had no weight gain at that stage. It varies from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy.

frutilla Tue 27-Sep-11 15:20:04

I gain a lot of weight early on. I actually have to watch my diet when pregnant so as to stay within the recommended limits. I think I'd be pretty happy to be not gaining enough, as long as the baby was doing well.

Livened Tue 27-Sep-11 18:00:27

I'm 24+1 and weigh exactly the same as i did at my booking in appointment. 21 week scan showed spot on measurements for baby so I'm not worried as long as he's ok in there!

I'm still out visiting customers with work, none of which have even realised I'm pregnant unless I tell them - although my one today did say she thought I'd just had a big lunch!

It's good having a neat bump and an active baby, although I've worried about not showing for weeks and have bump envy at my yoga class!

I'm quite tall though (5"9) but I'm determined to watch my weight and try to eat healthily for LO.

I honestly think that as long as you're eating a healthy and balanced diet, weight gain is not important, and also doesn't mean your having a huge baby - I'm convinced my bump is luring me into a false sense of security and ive got a whopper in there!

Keep healthy and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy x

Sandra2011 Wed 28-Sep-11 15:51:43

But isn't it strange that your bump and baby keep on growing yet you don't gain weight?

Maybe all your calories go straight to him/her?


melliebobs Wed 28-Sep-11 16:59:06

it really does vary from person to person. I'm 19+3 and i haven't gained any weight. Not even 100g!

TallulahBetty Wed 28-Sep-11 21:31:08

I am 32 weeks tomorrow and still weigh less than before I was pregnant - I lost a lot of weight at the beginning due to sickness/not being able to eat much.

My measurements are right on track thought and my MW is not at all concerned about either of us smile

PotteringAlong Wed 28-Sep-11 21:39:54

I'm 33 weeks and 2 stone heavier but not concerned grin

I think everyone is very different.

ReadRideABikeSwim Wed 28-Sep-11 21:50:36

ime very thin women often gain much more weight in pregnancy

women who start a little overweight or with more weight on them don't seem to gain as much

pregnantmimi Wed 28-Sep-11 23:54:25

put on 3 stone was size 12 now 14 but in maternity and i have been this weight before and was size 18 so im totally confused baby average size im 28 weeks i dont get it

frutilla Wed 28-Sep-11 23:59:44

Yes, the starting weight matters. I was 54 kilos (5 ft 7) and went up to 68 kilos. Giving birth took 8 kilos off me and if I hadn't gained weight that would have made me 46 another 4 kilos water came off in the next 10 have to have enough fat left to feed the poor baby.

acatcalledfelix Thu 29-Sep-11 15:50:27

I'm 36+5 and I've put on about 1.5 stone (just looked it up, 9kg?) so not much at all and I don't expect to get much bigger. I'm average size (started at about 10stone) and my bump is pretty small but all the measurements are fine. I don't think I put much on at all in the first five months. Nothing to worry about, everyone is different!

whackamole Fri 30-Sep-11 03:42:49

I'm 36+6 and haven't put on any weight at all. However, I was tipping the line at with a BMI bordering on obese before, so this is nothing to worry about.

I haven't been dieting or anything BTW, and haven't had any sickness. Lots of nausea stopping me from eating, but no sickness!

Woodifer Fri 30-Sep-11 14:16:44

I'm 35 weeks abnd I've put on about 3 stone! (From starting at 5'7" 10 stone-ish to nearly 13 stone!)

I had been doing a lot of running and my boobs were AA - and are now C. Thighs and bum a bit wobblier smile

beckymcfc Fri 30-Sep-11 15:27:01

I actually lost 10lbs during the first trimester of my pregnancy due to nasty morning sickness and ended up in hospital and i've now put on 4lbs (so technically still a loss of 6lbs) but the babys moving around loads and i have nice bump which i adore smile i'm 22 weeks today

Beesok Fri 30-Sep-11 16:14:08

I put on 4kg in my first trimester then it sort of evened out and at some point I was losing weight around 27 wks, now I'm 37+5 and in total have put on 10kgs - my weight has been the same for the last 3 weeks but bump is def bigger, had a growth scan at 34 weeks and everything looked great, dr was happy with how much weight I had put on. It all depends - as long as baby is healthy just enjoy it! smile

BTW a friend who is 5 days ahead of me put on 17kg (!) and you can't really tell! But her baby is measuring at 7lbs already smile

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