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40 and pregnant - Terrified of another miscarriage

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Midgetm Tue 27-Sep-11 10:11:54

Well here I am again. Pregnant for the 8th time at 40. I would love another to keep my DD company but as you can see from doing your own maths - I have reason to be terrified. I would love to hear any stories from any older Mums to maybe stop some of the palpitations I am currently having. Just had to post as I don't tend to tell people that I am pregnant as it nearly always ends in m/c so had to get this out somehow! I feel this one may stick and I have an excellent m/c consultant - the best in the land so i am more hopeful than normal. Be lovely to hear some of your stories just to stop me driving myself demented.

themightyskim Tue 27-Sep-11 10:15:46

wishing you the very best of luck, I think pregnancy is a terrifying time enough without that fear as well - no stories for you from me im afraid but just wanted to say congratulations, how far are you?

harassedandherbug Tue 27-Sep-11 10:17:21

No wonder you're terrified!

I'm preg with dc4, but had 7 pregnancies. Had a mmc in Jan and then a mc in March, got preg straight away and am now nearly 28 wks. It is possible! But it's soooo scary. I cried when I got my bfp, but because I was scared it would all happen again.

We hadn't got as far as testing, but you're under the right care. How far along are you? Have you seen your consultant?

Midgetm Tue 27-Sep-11 10:44:30

Thanks for your replies ladies. I am so used to being pregnant I knew pretty much from conception so even though I am only just 4 weeks as of yesterday it already feels like a lifetime. I have already called St Mary's twice (am I now stalking them officially? Probably) and will pretty must camp out in their office if I don't get a date for a scan next week. I am taking 150mg of asprin (I have clotting issues) and crossing fingers and legs that this will be enough. The consultant seems to think that it will be. She tested me for everything under the sun and then some. Of course I also know that there is more chance of a chromosonal issue to throw into the mix so difficult to know if my hope is sensible or a road to insanity. I have one DD (harassedandherbug - she was conceived almost straight after a m/c too) so I know I can do this. Just wish I had hurried up and done it before I hit 40!

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