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Help, I've missed out the the nesting instinct and my house needs a clean.

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Allboxedin Tue 27-Sep-11 08:24:47

I'm 37 weeks and have a toddler, the days just seem to go by and I keep promising I will clean the oven, get the cupboards sorted and make more room to myself everyday but it never happens. Is it too late for me to get the nesting instinct kicking in now? I'm knackered! sad
I don't even really know what I have stuck in my maternity bag and feel I havent got anything ready sad

BedHog Tue 27-Sep-11 08:32:14

I think the nesting instinct is mostly a myth. It's just being practical - if you were having anybody coming to live with you then you'd tidy up a bit and make sure that everything was ready to make them comfortable. Doesn't just apply to small babies. It's only the more anal houseproud amongst us that do silly things like oven cleaning and sweeping behind the appliances etc. Most people just tidy up, wash up and hoover, and put some sort of nursery together.

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