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worrying over nothing??

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my2centsis Mon 26-Sep-11 23:48:17

hi all just wanted some quick advise before ringing the midwife and sounding silly...

29weeks with no2, dd aged 3 had a flu last week, just runny nose nothing to serious, yesterday i started feeling ill, just figured was catching her flu, as last night went on i was getting worse, was awake all lastnight ( dd also has a cough so was up half the night with her aswell) im aching everywhere, it hurts to even move, horrid cough, hot and cold flushes, now im starting to get cramps all up the left side of my belly mostly pain full when im coughing, baby still moving, not as much as usual but enough for me to not be worried... but its not normal movements more like hes shaking? is this anything to trouble the midwife over or maybe i just have a bad flu and need rest?

Also getting braxton hicks but i get them quite often and they are not regular..


notlettingthefearshow Tue 27-Sep-11 00:08:53

Go to the drop in midwife clinic in the morning and get peace of mind. In all likelihood you are absolutely fine (sounds like typical flu), but they will be able to reassure you. You could phone, but they would probably just tell you to go in anyway.

Take it easy - hope you feel better soon!

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