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31 weeks and already put on too much weight.

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usingapseudonym Mon 26-Sep-11 21:07:20

I'm a bit overweight already so only supposed to put on a maximum of 20-24 pounds in the whole pregnancy... and apparently its normal to put on a pound a week for the last bit.

Well I'm already 24 pounds on top of my pre-pregnancy weight at 31 weeks. I could be putting another 7-11 pounds on on top of that sad

I'm guessing I've put on a stone on top of what I should have by now. Probably by eating too much. I was v sick to begin with so ate anything I could keep down and now I know I'm eating too much.

Can anyone advise me exactly how much to eat? Portion sizes? Meal examples? I'm worried I'm not eating well. Today I ate weetabix (sometimes its porridge), cheese on toast with some salad and chutney and a banana, and I ate the rest of my daughters tuna sandwhich, dinner was home made lasagne and broccoli and beans. I then ate some yoghurt. BUT I've also eaten a chocolate bar and looking at the list thats not exactly my 5 a day either.

Ho hum. I was already overweight to begin wtih but I'd lost tons in the lead up to the pregnancy and I'm scared I'm going to yoyo back and I really don't want to. I'm also worried about baby size (last one was 9lb10) as it will affect if they like me VBACing or not sad


bramblina Mon 26-Sep-11 21:10:22

Que cera cera, but maybe swap the chocolate bar for an apple?! I think you probably know the answer already. Your weight is what it is now, you can't expect to lose any in the next 9 weeks, just try your best not to eat any empty calories and do fill up on the best you can for you and your baby smile

dribbleface Mon 26-Sep-11 21:10:59

not sure about your specific situation with weight gain but last time round i put on 3 1/2 stone, this time 2 stone and have only put on an extra 2 pound or so in the last 5 weeks (am currently 39 weeks) so teh 1lb a week at the end does not apply to me!

PamBeesly Mon 26-Sep-11 21:49:26

Hi OP have you spoken to your MW or doctor about your concerns? I don't think 24lbs is a huge amount to have gained, I personally needed to eat all the time between week 14 and 18 I was constantly hungry. I think you need to go with what your body is telling you, if you fancy chocolate have a small bit but if you have the whole bar just don't have one the next day. I think your day sounds very good actually, just eat a bit more fruit and maybe a salad, some tomatoes on your cheese on toast, raisins on your porridge etc Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

notlettingthefearshow Tue 27-Sep-11 00:23:02

Hey try not to worry too much. I was told not to put on too much weight (technically obese, size 18, would rather not divulge disgraceful weight!) but no one has weighed me since the first time. I actually haven't put on that much but my point is - the guidelines are only guidelines and if the mw was concerned she would have said something by now. I think about 3 stone is quite average, in total, depending on your height.

I think the worry about giant babies is only in seriously overweight mothers, which you are not.

I don't think one chocolate bar a day is bad! Your day sounds pretty well balanced and normal. It is normal to feel more hungry in pregnancy so you can make sure you eat small regular meals so you don't get starving and then eat massive amounts (that's what happens to me if I let myself get too hungry). I'm not too good on portions either but with things like lasagna, that can be quite stodgy, so you could check on the weightwatchers website or similar for what weight is one portion? Then bulk up meals with extra vegetables or salad.

Actually, I really can't give diet advice - I've never successfully dieted myself. But you have, so you know how to eat well more than I do!

sleepevader Tue 27-Sep-11 00:52:17

Since being diagnosed with pregnancy related diabetes I have ate a low gi diet. It's the healthiest way of eating and I'm still a stone less than when I got pregnant (34wks- lots of sickness in first 25wks)

goodnightmoon Tue 27-Sep-11 08:51:51

yes I'd say follow a gestational diabetes diet - you can google for examples - and/or generally cut back on carbohydrates like bread, rice and pasta in favour of lean protein and low-fat dairy, and avoid anything sugary. don't worry unduly though - you probably won't gain 1lb a week herein- I think they say usually between half a pound and a pound per week in the final weeks so it could be half that.

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