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measuring small

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TeacupTempest Mon 26-Sep-11 16:27:32

I am 29 weeks and midwife say I am measuring a little small. She says she is not worried now but has said I will need an extra scan in a couple of weeks if baby is still showing small.

I know it doesn't sound very dramatic or anything but its weighing on my mind now and I am worrying.

Can anyone tell me what it means if I carry on measuring on the small side and what this means for baby and birth?

Thank you

hawthers Mon 26-Sep-11 17:03:38

hello IME measuring small can indicate that the baby is small although i've heard plenty of people who have small bumps and big babies or big bumps and small babies. they will want you to get scanned so they can estimate the size of the baby and they will also probably want to check that your placenta is working properly.

if your baby does measure small on the scan then it depends how small and on lots of other factors that they will look at on the scan including what the placenta looks like and the blood flow in the umbilical cord. it can mean that the placenta isn't working properly so the baby isn't growing properly. in an extreme case they may decide to deliver the baby early (this happened to me) but this depends on loads of other factors and also growth velocity not just size. feel free to pm me for more info.

please try not to worry as i do know loads of people who measured small with the midwife and their ridiculous completely accurate tape measure trick but were absolutely fine

lastly DON'T GOOGLE!!! smile

lljkk Mon 26-Sep-11 17:04:52

I measured small at 34 weeks, baby was born a whopper (almost 9 lbs). It's just something for them to checklist off. Do not worry.

TeacupTempest Mon 26-Sep-11 17:08:34

Thank you both for the reassurance. Baby was the small side of normal at my 20 week scan. DH and I aren't exactly giants so hopefully its just due to that rather than anything sinister.

I shall try to stay away from google!

Benzer Mon 26-Sep-11 22:28:03

Hi Teacuptempest! Glad all turned out ok at scan! My second Bump measured 'small for dates' at every MW app & I was sent for 3 extra scans, which were all ok. My wee one came 10 days early & was 6lbs, whereas my first baby was on time & 7lbs 3oz. My wee 6 pounder is petite & perfectly healthy. She's 4 now & has always been on the 9th-25th Centile on those growth charts. So it's not always a cause for major concern!

redexpat Tue 27-Sep-11 00:57:17

I measured small at 37 and was sent for an emergency scan. MW was fairly confident that she had made a mistake somewhere along the line, apparently me being slim doesn't help because it's easier for the baby to hide hmm

Man at the scanning measured and estimated 3,1kg. Which is 7lbs.

pootlebug Tue 27-Sep-11 04:44:36

I had this in both pregnancies - was sent for a couple of extra scans each time. My first was 7lb1oz at 41 weeks and my second was 8lb2oz at 40 weeks.

The only issue it ever caused was when one midwife commented that scans or no scans it might stop me having a home birth. Fortunately her colleagues pointed out that since the scan had estimated an 8lb baby it was hardly going to be a 4lb baby, and I was fine to stay at home.

TeacupTempest Tue 27-Sep-11 08:16:10

Thanks again for the reassuring posts....looks like I shouldn't panic just yet

Benzer that scan was 9 weeks ago.....haven't had the extra one yet - that will only happen if bump is still measuring small in two weeks

NorthernChinchilla Tue 27-Sep-11 12:06:34

I was rather concerned by this too, being told I was measuring small, and also confused as when they'd scanned the baby he was on the large size...

However, the range (which is 2wks/cm over or under my MW said today) does give you some room for manoeuvre (sp? sorry) and so if you're only a bit outside that, I wouldn't be too worried.

Best way to think of it is as an indicator. If you're outside of the range by a significant amount, over several of weeks, this may indicate that there is a problem with the baby's growth. All they'll do is send you for a scan which will, in the vast majority of cases, find that the baby's fine; and pick up any potential issues early on.

Also, given the vast range of sizes that women (and babies) come in, the measuring thing is only a very vague indicator at best!

Bitzer Tue 27-Sep-11 12:11:03

Try not to worry, I had this with both DC throughout the second half of pregnancies. With DD2 I measured almost 10cm off on one occasion and was packed off to hospital (at about 33 weeks) for a scan and told to take my hospital bag with me. In the event they were 8lb and 7lb3oz respectively.

Completely understand you being concerned and it's good that they keep an eye on it but these really are only indicators and there are lots of reasons why you might be measuring small. With me it was just the way I carried the babies (I think DD2 must have crawled up inside my ribcage or something!!)

Best of luck

Midgetm Tue 27-Sep-11 12:16:26

The most important thing is that they are keeping an eye on you. My DD was low birth weight (comprimised placenta) but they kept a really close eye on things and induced me at 37 weeks. She is perfectly healthy and has caught up with her peers. I know other people who have been told they are measuring small and have been monitored who have gone on to have babies of well above average size with no intervention, Having the odd extra scan or two will make sure they know what the direction of travel is and act (or not act) accordingly. It is natural to be worried but try to rest in the knowledge that they are on the ball. Take care.

NotJustKangaskhan Tue 27-Sep-11 12:24:58

Try not to worry about it - bump measuring can be very inaccurate as it depends on a lot on the baby's position. So, if it's breech one week, transverse the next, then flips vertex the next, the measurements aren't going to be fully accurate across the line.

In my current pregnancy (now 32 weeks), I was measuring small, even had my bump measure backwards at some points, had the extra scan and it turned out to simply be a firm position change (and baby is measuring above the 50% mark is everything).

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