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grrrrr consultant rant

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dribbleface Mon 26-Sep-11 12:07:45

Just back from seeing consultant due to low platelets. Have met this lady before and she was rude then, and has a reputation for being offhand. (i appreciate consultants/doctors rarely have time for chit chat but rudeness is unnecessary).

She was very dismissive, basically said 'why did you have bloods done on a sunday, why are you booked for induction' in a very off tone.....ermmm because YOUR registrar booked those....i didn't do it myself for fun!

Not sure what i'm asking really but i really dislike this woman and am dreading having to see her again. I might mention to my midwife about her, but can't see I have grounds to complain.

For what its worth i held my own today (proud of myself!) and made it clear i did not appreciate her tone (nearly cried then thought, no hang on a minute!)

Ok, and breath..........feel better for that rant!

themightyskim Mon 26-Sep-11 12:43:00

There is absolutely nothing worse than following instructions given to you and then getting made to feel like a fool for doing it Id have been really upset too - will you have to see her many more times? perhaps you should take a bit of moral support next time

And do mention it to your midwife if people arent told then nothing ever changes smile sounds like you gave as good as you got at least!

dribbleface Mon 26-Sep-11 16:07:38

Will mention it to midwife, hoping i'll not have to see Consultant again but will take DH or my mum for moral support if i do. I was quite firm, polite but to the point, think i was hormonal this morning as normally as a bit of a wuss in those situations.

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