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Can anybody help - 37 weeks

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Newmom2b Mon 26-Sep-11 10:05:40

Just after some advice really....
Didnt sleep very well last night, couldn't get comfortable and bump was quite active, after DH went to work I got a good couple of hours sleep but have woken up with strong pains in my bump. Feels like I can't stand up straight and have to bend over. Feels almost like baby has got into an funny position. Pain is almost taking my breathe away, it's not constant pain and bump is tight. Have had cereal and a drink and it's sill there..... Anyone else experienced this?
Also, baby is breech and have appt tomorrow to discuss a ecv so could it be that bump has turned and I'm just stretching to the new position....?
Bump is moving but not loads....
Any advice appreciated, I'm home alone and starting to worry x

eaglewings Mon 26-Sep-11 10:07:08

No idea sorry but really think you should phone mw even if it is for them to tell you it's nothing
Good Luck

banana87 Mon 26-Sep-11 10:11:43

Sounds like baby has moved. When mine moves (particularly into breech) I feel less movement. But that is normal now for me so I don't panic. If I was you, I would phone the mw and see what they say, but liklihood is baby moved (smile )

Tangle Mon 26-Sep-11 10:22:17

I'd call the labour ward - it could just be things re-adjusting after baby's moved. But it could be the start of labour (or a whole host of other things).

Please call the labour ward and get some advice.

(For what its worth, DD1 was a planned vaginal breech birth - we found a very experienced breech MW who reassured us that spontaneous and naturally progressive breech labours rarely run into problems. I know its not your plan, but if do things move forward quickly a baby presenting breech doesn't mean woe, misery and catastrophe are sure to follow!)

MixedBerries Mon 26-Sep-11 11:37:20

This sounds exactly like what happened to me last week when I was 37 weeks. It turned out the baby had engaged (very disappointed it wasn't the start of labour as I thought)! But of course everyone is different so I'd definitely echo the response of others and say call the MW just to be sure.

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