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39wks, Dull but constant pain in pelvis :S

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FeastofBeans Mon 26-Sep-11 09:10:47

I'm nearly 39wks, baby is breech and moving well. Booked in for a section later in the week.

For the past 24 hours I've had a dim but pretty much constant pain in my lower left, sort of above my hip bone.

I am worrying a bit that I might be in labour, but it's my first and I don't know what labour feels like!

My MIL says that if I can feel the baby is moving then I can't be in labour, is this right? Or is it just a normal pregnancy pain?

tiokiko Mon 26-Sep-11 10:06:15

I don't think your MIL is right, I definitely felt movements when in labour with DD, actually the fact that I could feel (and see) movements helped me stop the consultant from breaking my waters as the machine wasn't recording the movements properly.

But rather than take advice from me (or MIL!) just call your MW or labour ward and see what they say.

phlossie Mon 26-Sep-11 10:10:51

I felt movements when I was in labour both times!

Contractions feel different for everyone. For me, they were an all-consuming pain that came in waves and felt especially painful across the bottom front of my bump. Like period pains, but in waves and more intense.

What you have sound more like pelvic pain. My dd was breech until 36 weeks, and she kicked, pushed and stretched all around my pelvis (whereas ds, who was cephalic, caned my ribs!)

Call your midwife and get checked out if you're not sure.

Good luck with your CS!

banana87 Mon 26-Sep-11 10:13:43

I get pains like this and its usually due to baby having moved positions and lying on a nerve.

When I was in labour baby was very very quiet. Not to say this is always the case though. Hope this is it for you!!

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