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39+1 and feel like baby will never arrive!

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CrazyAlien06 Sun 25-Sep-11 22:36:26

Hey I feel like I am going to be pregnant forever at this rate! No signs of anything happening :-( mw said ill probably take after my sister who went into labour with her first at 38+2 but no joy following that pattern! She also had a very quick labour as did my mum and nan but knowing my luck I won't follow suit with that either!

Just feeling fed up, I'm so scared of the labour but want to get it over with. I'm hardly sleeping and can't wait to have a reason for not sleeping! Baby is always active which is great but makes sleeping a bit of a nightmare. As soon as DH is up for work in the early hours I really struggle to go back to sleep sad
I just can't imagine waking up in the middle of the night with my waters having broken as I'm up 95% of the night anyway. I'm going to be so terrified when labour starts my poor DH :-( I'll probably be crying through sheer terror of what is about to happen.

Does anyone have any advice at all? Sorry for the rant sad

muffins Mon 26-Sep-11 07:40:22

We must have the same due date crazyalien, I am 39+2 today.

I sympathise and also feel a bit like may never go into labour! This is DC2 for me, DS was born at 40+2 after bit of diarrhoea at 39+6 and waters breaking at 40+1. No signs yet this time round, had some strong braxton hicks which have been increasing a bit in Intensity but after some googling I think this means nothing!

I didn't really sleep last night either, was awake at 4 ish and ended up coming downstairs onto the sofa, rubbish. Hopefully things will get going for us soon! X
for normal delivery this time.

muffins Mon 26-Sep-11 07:41:57

Stupid iPhone, last bit meant to say that labour is a scary prospect but I'm sure we'll be fine and I had EMCSfor DS but hoping for normal delivery this time smile

babloogirl Mon 26-Sep-11 07:41:59

Hi, didn't want to read and run, I am 39+3 today and feel like this pregnancy will never end!

I am not scared of labour though but I just want it to be done and meet the baby.

I feel the same about when DH is up for work I can't go back to sleep (though I will have naps during the day).

The only advice I can give which I guess is already what you do, try to enjoy the last few days by treating yourself and relaxing,

CrazyAlien06 Mon 26-Sep-11 08:03:17

Thanks for the replies ladies :0)

I'm excited to meet baby especially not knowing what sex it is smile that is keeping me going at the moment!smile
Feeling bit better this morning as DH is off from weds so will have some company, but not looking forward to the weather getting hotter! Especially if I go into labour as those rooms I had visit round are like saunas anyway... Plus I bought my new ugg boots and thought id be getting those worn lol.

These last two weeks have dragged and I've no doubt the next potential 3 will too! I've been off work since July ( Am teacher and was covering a maternity leave contract!) so had plenty of time to myself. Wouldn't say it's been peaceful though as still in charge of housework and cooking!
I have a pamper season booked for this afternoon though :-) costing me a bomb but I don't care as want a last 'me,me,me' time. Although DH did get me champneys voucher for Christmas so shall be booking that up as soon as baby has arrived!

Have been up with DH again and tried to get back to sleep but failed as it's sooo muggy sad thank goodness for an aquanatal class later this morning to cool me down as pool is freezing!

Chin up ladies we will get there!!!! < goes off to give herself a slap around the chops and a talking too!>

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