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34 weeks and baby moving loads!!

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steph01 Sun 25-Sep-11 19:42:10

im 34 weeks and my baby is continuously moving, crazy little guy, suppose its a good thing, then i know hes ok.
ANYONE ELSE???????????

IreneHeron Sun 25-Sep-11 20:05:45

I'm 36 or something weeks and mine is still dancing jigs! Goodness knows what's up, either he's practising trying to brace his hands down my fanjo and claw his way out or his using his feet to kick my cervix to smithereens. I'm off to the labour workshop day on the NHS antinatal on Tuesday and I hope he listens to how he's actually supposed to arrive.

KatyN Tue 27-Sep-11 11:18:15

I was told that 34 weeks (and a few weeks either side) is when the little one has maximum space to move around in compared to his size.. so he's taking FULL advantage of it and doing a jig.. I'm 33+5 and mine literally can't keep still at night time.. it's starting to drive me potty!

Apparently at about 36 (or later for IreneHeron!) he's MEANT to settle into the position for birth and should move a bit less then.. more of the limb poking out than full on dancing!

I think I'll probably miss him when I lie down at night and he doesn't go crazy.. but at the minute I am just desperate to fall asleep when I actually go to bed, not an hour later when he calms down!


Broody1976 Tue 27-Sep-11 11:37:13

I'm 30+3 & mine in going mental in there. ALL THE TIME!! He's (actually we don't know what we are having but are referring to it as a he!) always on the move, doing little rolls or kicks or stretches. Feels like most of the day and night.

I spoke to my SIL last night and she is 38 weeks ish and her little one is also going bananas.

I kinda hope that al this actvity will tire him out and when he does eventually enter the world, he'll need a rest ;)

yummymango Tue 27-Sep-11 11:42:01

I am 40 + 2 and baby is still going crazy, some days more than others but still moving loads. Sometimes I worry what is happening in there!! Yesterday it felt like she was partying all day and all night long. I thought they were supposed to move less when you are full term....?!

Broody1976 Tue 27-Sep-11 11:50:32

Yummy, I thought that too - supposed to quieten down in the last few weeks!!

I guess it's good to know they are active, means they must be ok smile However, I can't believe there is that much exploring to do in there, he must know every millimeter of the space by now. He's poked every bit of it enough times LOL -

Perhaps though he really is trying to build a death star. My hubby has watched far too much Family Guy and is convinced we have our own Stewie in there, trying to take over the world.

steph01 Tue 27-Sep-11 20:40:00

mine likes to move in the bath, and pretty much all the time, i dont feel him while im trying to sleep which is good, but i dont slepp all that well so as soon as i wake up i feel him. smile

stripeymummy Wed 28-Sep-11 14:40:13

Yup! I'm also 34wks, and she's being giving it lalldy in the last 2-3wks. She was a really lazy baby for the first 30+ weeks (which I was desperately hoping meant she'd be a good sleeper), and now she hardly stops wriggling, fidgeting and stretching - esp likes to stick her feet in my right side! She's not majorly into kicking, but definitely a fidgeter. She's also responding a lot more to external noise etc, my DH plays folk music and every time he gets out the banjo or whistle she starts jigging about - I look like I've got a squirrel in there!

Anyone noticed times of the week when their babies are more active? I've noticed that Sprog gets very active and excitable from Friday through to Monday/Tuesday, then calms down for 2-3 days. This also coincides with me feeling much more hungry and tired than normal - a growth spurt?

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