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Experiences of prolapse during pregnancy

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Yariskl Sun 25-Sep-11 15:05:20

Hi, I'm 8.4 weeks into my third pregnancy and posted previously about the likelihood of a cesarean after having already had two large babies via natural childbirth and a resulting uterine prolapse.

The prolapse after the second baby was relatively mild, but now only 8 weeks into this pregnancy and I am experiencing a lot of dragging pains and there is a bulge protruding about 2 inches upwards from the entrance of my vagina that I had not felt before.

Since my last thread I have visited a doctor who told me there was a 'possibility' of cesarean but that the prolapse would inevitably get worse regardless if I carry another full-term pregnancy. The doctor also suggested that I should perhaps consider a termination - which I do not want. I was given no other advice other than a refferal to the midwives and I'm really in tears over this. I work/take my older child to school etc, don't drive and spend quite a bit of time on my feet. I have no idea what is likely to happen as the pregnancy progresses. I guess what I'm asking is, has anyone been in a similar situation with a positive outcome healthwise. Is it really inevitible that things will all get much worse for me?

BrigitBigKnickers Sun 25-Sep-11 15:13:30

You have been told the exact opposite of what I was when I too had a prolapse during my second pregnancy.

The doctor told me that as the pregnancy progressed the prolapse would lessen as the baby growing would pull the cervix up and this is exactly what happened.

DD2 is now 13 and although I still get occassional dragging problems, the problem is stable. Lots of pelvic floor exercises help.

Yariskl Sun 25-Sep-11 15:32:29

Thanks for your reply. I hope that'll happen for me then! I had some symptoms after the second and they did improve by about a year pp. But I continued to breastfeed (still am) so I'm not sure how good things may have become after that.

I did get a bit lazy doing my pelvic floors, but I'm back doing them with a vengence! Maybe I should seek a second opinion? I did phone the midwives at my hospital after being advised to do so for more info and was told to go to A&E if it was that bad, as that would be the fastest way to be examined by a gynecologist. I was told it is likely to be my uterus that is prolapsing, but I haven't been examined for a while and I'm not sure what the bulge is. Think from the other symptoms I am having it may infact be my bladder.

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