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Q for other mums who have had pre-eclampsia?

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2boysnamedR Sat 24-Sep-11 22:40:03

I had pre-eclampsia with my first child. He was induced and born pre-term. My second pregnancy was ok, I had high blood pressure but only got PE with him in labour (from what I could make out - they never filled in the gaps but I was on a heart monitor, having bloods drawn and BP monitored hourly).

So now I am 16 weeks with my third baby. Had BP of 96/156 at booking, previous PE, mum and dad both had DVTs so the midwife said I would need to see the consultant as NICE say I am high risk for PE and with the clot history I may need to been seen about that too.

However I have heard nothing about seeing the consultant for this PG being high risk. I am going to monitor my protein and BP at home once a week from 20 weeks and I am not overly worried as I know what to look out for this time.

Still I don't think I am getting the right care giving my history and high BP. I was admitted when my BP went over 90 with my first child, granted I had protein too then.

Should I be concerned or am I just worrying over nothing as my second child was fine?

FannyFifer Sat 24-Sep-11 22:46:08

With a blood pressure reading like that at a booking in visit,plus previous history you should have had an immediate referral to consultant.
Are you not taking BP medication?

I had PET on both pregnancies and was closely monitored second time due to previous history.

2boysnamedR Sat 24-Sep-11 22:52:06

Nope - I have had no referal and no advise. I read nice guidelines said I said be on asprin by now, but again no one has told me I should take it. I am as it was circled in my notes by the midwife, but it all seems VERY laid back so far. My plan is to question the midwife at my app next week. If I get no joy then I will monitor at home, but I have no idea when I call the hospital. If my BP goes up by another 20 bar I presume I am not going to far off bursting something inside! My BP went up too 180/135 with my first child. I felt 100% fine. Looking back I don't know how I avoided a stroke or heart attack

Roseflower Sat 24-Sep-11 23:54:30

I second the asprin advice. It has to be 75mg and the type designed to stop heart attacks (begins with E) but obviously confirm with you midwife/GP first.

Personally Id book in next week for midwife/GP to air your concerns asap.

AlpinePony Sun 25-Sep-11 08:47:56

In your position I would be extremely concerned - and this needs to be followed up immediately. Your booking in reading was very high - but you know that already of course.

I see your next mw appointment is this week but you've really got to get some action out of her this time, not a vague "yes, this will happen" - you know, get an appointment with the consultant asap - no, "I'll phone on your behalf" - there's no reason why she can't phone the ob-gyn ward on the spot and get you an appointment! How about phoning your GP to get this pushed asap? Explain how high your BP is.

I can't believe this is called "care". sad

thejaffacakesareonme Sun 25-Sep-11 08:54:30

I too had severe PE in my first pregnancy and am now pregnant with my third. My second was trouble free, although DC2 was born by c section at 39 weeks for other reasons. I'm now 16 weeks. Like you, I've found that although it was noted at the booking in appointment I wasn't referred to a consultant at that time. I'm seeing my midwife in 9 days and will press for that then. When I asked about a consultant referral I was told it would happen later on because PE only occurred later on and so it wasn't necessary to refer earlier.

Having said that, my booking in BP was much lower than yours. If I were you I'd make a GP or midwife appointment for next week and press for immediate referral given the NICE guidelines.

ImTheMap Sun 25-Sep-11 09:04:15

i was put on bp meds at 5 weeks with dc2 as my bp was high at docs app and i had pe with dc1,

i was in hospital from 35 weeks last time and i expect this one will be the same.

you should push for more info/help.

AlpinePony Sun 25-Sep-11 09:13:33

Like jaffa, I've been told I'll be under a consultant for the birth and after 30 weeks, however my booking in bp was v low and this is being monitored 4 weekly by mw. I'm 19 weeks.

thejaffacakesareonme Sun 25-Sep-11 09:25:57

I'd be cautious about monitoring your own BP at home. I received advice from APEC when I was pregnant last time and they said that most of the BP monitors for home use are not calibrated for use during pregnancy. Apparently, you have more blood when you are pregnant and so the machines have to be calibrated differently. I think they said there were one or two on the market that were suitable for use during pregnancy but cannot remember what they were. I've got a home BP monitor and just tried it to see what it would say - it came up with 98/56 twice in a row. I've never had a reading that low even when I've not been pregnant and cannot believe it is correct as my booking in BP four weeks ago was 120/80!

mumt1 Sun 25-Sep-11 10:01:38

Does a low BP mean anything? I has pre-clampsia with my first but it was only towards the ends as my partner had gone to france for 2 weeks and would miss the birth. I'm 10 weeks and was checked a few weeks ago and my BP was like 90/55. She just said wow that's low and tht was is! Pretty useless rly as she kept saying that if I have any problems at night times and weekends can't phone her as itl be off coz she's finished work.

mumt1 Sun 25-Sep-11 10:04:34

Can a low bP be a cause for concern? I had pre-clampsia with my first although it was towards the end. I'm 10 weeks and had my blood pressure checked few weeks ago and was reading 90/55. That's low right? Midwife said it was and that was it. I keep bleeding and cramping aswel could that be linked? Although I've not been checked since I started spotting

2boysnamedR Sun 25-Sep-11 11:19:03

I know checking my BP at home isn't ideal, but it makes me feel a bit more safe. I also read APEC a lot after I had my first child. Luckly my BP monitor is quite true to my doctors machine. The few weeks after my booking it was still very high but now I am in the second trimester it is coming down so it is in the approximate range of true (I hope!).

After dc1 was born I developed the most crippling migraines for years on end. Iwent to see my doctor and basically he said I was imagining them, I had to see hime five times, swope doctors before I got a MRI brain scan dispite the fact my dad had a brain hemerage at 39. Unfortunatly that is the attitude down my doctors. I would have had normally second time mum care with dc2 but I insisted I had my BP taken monthly. Again I was made to feel like a "worrier". who should have been more relaxed.

There is a better doctor at my surgery so I will see her if my MF does not chase the hospital on the phone this week.

Re low pressure, you can't get PE with low pressure, but it can make you faint and weak. I think it normally climbs again in the third trimester but deff ask your doctor as you don't want to faint!

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