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Moving home- what to do about GP & booking appointment

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AstroNess Sat 24-Sep-11 21:46:45

Hi ladies,

It's just a 'what would you do' sort of question.

I've just found out I'm pregnant, yay! We live in Cambridgeshire at the moment and rent our house. But, we're planning on moving back towards Birmingham in January.

My DP already has a house in the Midlands, which he currently rents to his sister and they have just bought a house. So, we'll be moving back there by the time all the stuff with that is sorted. I've said to DP though, that even if they are out before Christmas, I'd like to stay here until the new year as I don't like the idea of moving over xmas.

My question is what do I do about contacting a GP for the booking appointment? I'm not registered here yet. I wondered whether I should just register in the Midlands and go to the booking appointment there, so I have continuity in care. It's only an hour or so in the car, so not too bad.

Does that sound right?

I just realised that the post will go to DP's house in Midlands though. We haven't told anyone about pregnancy yet and as it's out first, we're thinking of leaving it until after the 12 week scan. Anyway, random post with an NHS postmark might raise a few eyebrows with his sister.

Any advice and thoughts greatly appreciated.


BellaCB Sat 24-Sep-11 22:49:57

Hi Astro - firstly congratulations! Secondly, I'm ever so slightly in a similar situation as we are moving too, but at roughly 32 weeks, and it is proving to be a bit of a nightmare. I'm having real problems getting my midwife to understand my concerns about changing antenatal care at a late date and have also been completely screwed over with classes (and as this is my first I'd really like to go to some classes). Personally as you are so early on I'd be temped to register with your local doctor so you can get your first appointments and probably your 12w scan done easily - but whatever you do, definitely talk to the Birmingham midwives as soon as possible and make sure you know how things work there, and also if you are interested in anything like NCT classes then get booked in in Birmingham as soon as possible. Good luck!

lisakell Sun 25-Sep-11 14:10:30

I understand completely - I only moved 2 miles down the road and was told I had to change GP which has meant that my booking appt was cancelled at the last minute. Its honestly been the biggest hassle so far in being preganant - I really didn't want to change GP and asked if I could stay registered with them until after the baby was born but no luck. I would agree with Bella - get your booking in and dating out of the way then contact the midwife unit in Birmingham and explain your situation - at least then you have made contact and can start getting some information.

AstroNess Sun 25-Sep-11 16:41:48

Thanks ladies. There seems to be a little consensus between you both, so I shall I take your wise words and sort something out nearby for now.


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