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Sorry for the moan.. But I am feeling a bit sorry for myself today and no one seems to understand !

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xHelenx Sat 24-Sep-11 15:19:01

Hi girls,

Just a bit of a moan really, my situation is a bit complicated and no one really understands !

I have a daughter who is nearly 3 from a previous relationship and I am currently 15 weeks pregnant with my second baby which is a boy due in march.

A few weeks ago me and my partner broke up, we had only been together about 7 months but we live together and he has been like a dad to my daughter. His constant going out was the reason for the break up, plus i hated some of his friends. He stayed living with us until 2 weeks ago when he moved into his brothers for the week whilst he was away but with the intention to move back home once they had returned from holiday which was last weekend and work things out

Now for the complicated bit.. Last Tuesday a few days after going to his brothers he was in a quad bike accident and has landed himself in intensive care, I was basically told me was going to die and to prepare myself for the worst (oh and I found out about the accident over Facebook!) so nearly 2 weeks on he is still in intensive care, broken arms, spleen and kidney removed, you get the drift...

Was getting on with his mum fine finding out how he was until last weekend I get accused of being self centered and self obsessed and not happy unless I was the centre of attention, also with her adding that she has apparently asked him a number of times if he wants to be with me and he has said 'no', leaving me to be a single parent again ! But to add to the stress she decided to invite his ex girlfriend and her child over from Cyprus to stay for the week at her house and said I obviously have a 'jealousy problem' !!! They came last Sunday and go tomorrow, but I have then made the situation worse by saying I won't see him whilst she is here as I don't want to see her !!

To try and bring some happiness to the situation a local clinic said they would sex the baby at 14 weeks so he could have some good news and yes I found out it was a boy which is exactly what we wanted but no, I have yet again upset the mother by finding out - I can't win !!!

I haven't seen him since last Wednesday, his ex keeps putting things on his fb page as does his mother and it's really winding me up ! I'm stressing out because I'm worrying how I am going to afford this baby yet he has thousands of pounds sat in the bank and I am getting no reassurance from anyone and feeling pretty down in the dumps but everyone just says I should stop feeling sorry myself but I think I have reasons to feel like this ! Sorry for the rant and I'm guessing no one really has had something like this happen but I really needed to vent my frustration !!


tostaky Sat 24-Sep-11 19:46:05

hope you get things sorted quickly...
have you got any help from your side of the family?
also... it s good practice not to rely on a man/relationship for money.... just in case it doesnt work out... can you train in something? i think there are hel for single mums who want to work smile

Roseflower Sun 25-Sep-11 02:14:27

Ok Im going to be a bit harsh but...

You are worrying about FB updates, his exes and getting his money... when your unborn child father could die?

His mother must be distraught you must understand that as a mother.

I think you need to place your priorities in a better order.

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