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advice please re missed miscarriage or too early for heartbeat??

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clarkey47 Sat 24-Sep-11 03:11:05

lmp 6th july which makes me 11 weeks pregnant, however i conceived whilst on the pill so not totally reliable as also have irregular periods, scan shows 7 week yolk sac with no heartbeat, i have been told i have to wait 10 days for rescan to see if missed miscarriage or if i have dates wrong and too early to see. I have had episode of tiny brown spotting (and i meaan really tiny) but nothing else. They did a vaginal scan and still no heartbeat. I dont know wht to think or how i will cope for 10 days not knowing. has anyone else been in this situation?

LadyMaybe Sat 24-Sep-11 05:22:47

Hi clarkey, very sorry to hear you're in this situation. I've had 4 mcs and the waiting for confirmation is terrible, but as there is so much variability in early pregnancy development (and you aren't sure of dates) they do need to wait before making a diagnosis either way.
Did they just see a yolk sac and no embryo? If they did see an embryo and it was bigger than 5mm then from what I've read they should have seen hb with a transvaginal scan. If they didn't see an embryo or it was less than 5mm then it's possible it's just too early.
You'll get lots of support on the miscarriage boards here, they're under the body and soul section a bit further down.

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