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GTT results?

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littlepiglet Fri 23-Sep-11 13:14:46

I had a GTT at 30 weeks. The fasting figure was 5.0mmol/L, the figure 2 hours after the glucose drink was 6.2mmol/L.

They have written that this is normal, have written in my notes that it was fine, and both my consultant & GP have told me I should be reassured by this.

However, looking it up online it looks as though it is the very high end, and borderline, but no one is concerned, and they keep reiterating that it is normal.

I have a very strong family history of type 2 diabetes, am 41 with a high BMI, my daughter was large & I had sever polyhydramnios (she was born last year). So obviously this is still a concern of mine, albeit maybe an unecessary one.

I have asked elsewhere for advice, abut was told to demand another test - incidentally I had 3 with DD last year, and they were all fine, and the doctors/midwife will only repeat that my results are fine.

I am said to be large for dates again - according to two male doctors - yet my GP (female), midwife & the female consultant yesterday all measure me as spot on. I had a scan 3.5 weeks ago, and the baby was average, and although slighty raised at 16 my AFI was not high enough to be polyhydramnios

CheeseandGherkins Fri 23-Sep-11 13:44:06

I would definitely ask for another one and also if you could have a kit to test your blood glucose (I'd buy one if they didn't let me have one). I'm extremely cautious now about this in hindsight. I had all those symptoms with our daughter but my AFI was just over their limit and I had glucose in my urine and blurred vision, extreme thirst etc. They said I was fine and didn't have anything even though I kept presenting with symptoms etc.

Sadly Scarlett was stillborn in December at 37 weeks, now they said it was most likely a cord accident but that was inconclusive. I'm now pregnant again and at a new hospital. Looking back it seems as though I did have GD which went undiagnosed and my consultant told me this now. That, along with the post mortem results, seems as though GD played a part (if not caused) her death.

I am 15 weeks tomorrow and already injecting insulin, she diagnosed me with GD after giving me a test kit for testing my blood at home as my numbers were all over the place. She told me that a GTT isn't 100% and given what I told her they would have done a lot more. My previous hospital were only going to give me a GTT at 24 weeks this time...Clearly I needed insulin and I'm glad they caught it early.

Don't be scared of making a fuss, I'm not the usual candidate for GD and they told me that a couple of weeks ago. Low BMI, no family history etc only thing I have is PCOS. Hope this doesn't worry you too much as that wasn't my intention.

Firawla Fri 23-Sep-11 14:45:13

it does sound quite normal and not borderline cos borderline would be 5.5 fasting and 7.8 after the glucose and you are well within the limits?
but the above advice of buying your own bloodglucose measuring machine could be good idea as it will reassure you. also why not just do a low GI diet anyway? as it would not harm you even if you are not diabetic since its a healthy diet?
also ask them if you can have another one done in a few weeks to see if the result is different, i dont think they should refuse if you are worried, sometimes the diabetes doesnt show up till later on? i think i had undiagnosed gd with my 2nd (midwives have said they thought this) and my 3rd one was only just borderline, yet did end up as insulin controlled diabetes, which if the test was done slightly earlier probs would not have showed up either. but if your levels stay as how they are now, im sure that is considered as okay.. so hopefully it will!

hubbahubster Sat 24-Sep-11 11:36:40

Waves at Firawla agree with 5.5 and 7.8 as borderline. If you have genuine concerns then of course please pursue them with the MW, but please be aware that being diagnosed with GD means loads of intervention and having a lot of birth choices being taken away from you. Your results sound very encouraging - mine were 4.2 and 7.9, I was diagnosed with GD and told that I'd have to be induced at 38 weeks because my baby was already 7lb 8. DS was born at 39 weeks by ELCS for other medical reasons. He was 6lb 13 and struggled to put on weight at first, actually. So go with your instincts and don't assume these weight guestimates are accurate. Good luck!

littlepiglet Sat 24-Sep-11 13:53:20

CheeseandGherkins I am so, so sorry for you loss xx

Thanks Firawla and hubbahubster.

I went to buy a glucose monitoring kit today, and had trouble finding one where you didn't need a prescription for the lancets (one on special offer in Boots was really good, but luckily the sales assistant told me before I bought it).

I went to Lloyds Pharmacy & a lovely lady there told me that I could get the testing strips & lancets on prescription - otherwise it'd be £25 for 17 strips, and the same for lancets!!!

She asked if I'd been diagnosed, and I told her no, but I was worried about my numbers, but she checked with the person who does the glucose test there, and they assured me it was normal...

Still worrying, but not sure about another test.

I had two tests in my pregnancy last year - one at 28 weeks, then my consultant insisted on one at 36 weeks, as DD was large for dates & my AFI levels were so high - still was negative, which surprised my consultant who thought I must have had GD, but she then said I really couldn't have, and it was just one of those things.

This time baby is not measuring large - it was thought to be by two doctors (measuring fundal length), but the scans, two other doctors & my midwife, have all measured me the correct size....

I do wonder how much the fundal measuring is based upon objective guesses as to where the pubic bone is (it's hard to feel on me, due to my size).

debka Sat 24-Sep-11 14:18:43

What were the baby's measurements in the scan like? I had GD with DD2 but 'passed' the GTT. I had extra scans due to my high BMI (like you say, fundal height measurements not so helpful in the Larger Lady) and they picked it up there- she was measuring huge all over but DD2s abdomen circumference was off the chart.

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