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Feeling really really low

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Crazybit Thu 22-Sep-11 23:39:09

17 wks pregnant. Moved 250 miles from my family, OH been away since the beginning of Sep and not due back for over a week, dd1 being bullied at school and difficult at home, also she was let down by 3 friends that where meant to be sleeping over tomorrow night. was going to drive back to home town to see family and friends but nobody even seemed that interested about us going so I'm feeling really sorry for myself right now. Sorry for dd1 as she is struggling and unhappy, sorry for both dcs as I Keep shouting at them and I feel so unhappy. I'm tired and huge and lonely and I don't know how to make myself feel better sad

babartheelephant Thu 22-Sep-11 23:58:17

Hello, you sound worn out. Poor you. Probably at this time of night, the best thing would be to get a nice hot water bottle and get a good night's sleep. It's very hard when you have children and you are pregnant with next baby and OH away. And your hormones will be all over the place. Soon you will be entering the middle part of pregnancy where you start to feel energised and well again. And in a week your OH will come back. Can you email each other? Talk?
Perhaps you should go back to your hometown for the weekend. I am sure people will be pleased to see you.
If you decide not to, then why not allow yourself to relax with the children and watch a family film together on DVD and get takeaway and make pop corn or something fun like that?
Eventually school will start to get easier for your dd1 but this is a transitional period where you are all adjusting. Maybe you need to work out what there is to do this weekend near you?
Are you anywhere in London? There's always tons and tons of things to do every weekend. I bet there are lots of similar things going on in other cities. Or have you moved to the countryside? In which case there are bound to be little groups that you can get involved in. Of course, having your baby will be the best way to meet people. Why not try ante-natal yoga or similar?
I hope you get some rest and feel bit better tomorrow.
Failing all that, I sometimes used to watch Sex and the City late at night and also in the small hours early in the morning when I was sad and knackered. It always cheered me up.
And of course there is retail therapy. You could just go out tomorrow and buy a really nice new cardigan/lipstick/snuggly blanket....whatever your thing is that you do to cheer yourself up!

Crazybit Fri 23-Sep-11 00:14:27

Thanks for the reply. It made me cry that you where so nice to me. I'm near Bristol, found some things that are going on at the weekend and will try and take dc to them but often when I try and do nice things they play up and I wish I hadn't bothered. I don't really want to drive home as it will take a minimum of 3.5 hours, so we won't get there till late evening and most people have made plans already so I would feel as though I where intruding. I can email Oh, but I don't want to make him feel guilty as that won't be any good for either of us, so I just don't say anything. I'm will try and sleep now...only to be woken by squabbling in the morning no doubt.

themightyskim Fri 23-Sep-11 11:08:31

thats loads of stuff on your mind that would make us all feel down, I second barbartheelephant have some family time and DVDS, pig out till you feel sick and try and pamper yourself, not long till your OH is back, and as for being snappy my poor SD doesnt know whats hit her recently im a bloody nightmare, but kids are famous for their ability to blank us out so dont worry too much

Hope things look up for you today smile

littlemonkeybix Fri 23-Sep-11 14:33:46

Crazy I know what you are saying about not wanting to make anyone feel guilty, but can't you just say to someone that you're just feeling down today and need a shoulder. Surely people won't feel bad about a nice long phone chat as a one off emotional booster for someone??!! You can tell DH it was just as a one off.

Can you arrange a meet with other PG people in your area?

I felt like utter shite a couple of weeks back... and then DP had a massive go at me and called me lazy (you may recognise my name... I'm PG at a similar stage to you) We had a massive row, so I decided the best thing to do was to "go for a razz". I moved his car out of the way, and went on a lovely drive with the windows down and the songs on loud... felt marvellous after 20 mins, but didn't bother going back for an hour.

Get your best karaoke voice on and the radio up loud grin I know it still isnt a friend to lean on, but it helps a bit!! Will your DD not join in with something like that? pizza and karaoke night in yours? Might even be worth inviting some neighbours wink

Chin up, and hope the clouds blow away soon

Crazybit Fri 23-Sep-11 15:19:32

Thank you everyone, Monkey I do recognise you smile
I am going to go up North, to see family-as much as I love the dvd, pig out idea, I think it'll do us good to see people that love us, even if they're busy . Also been into school and they're hopefully going to sort out the bullying so that's helped smile

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