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39 weeks; can't lie down!

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happysmellyfeet Thu 22-Sep-11 22:52:51

I am fucking tired and need to sleep but I can't lie down. I am almost sick when I do. I think it is acid indigestion. Had some gaviscon, didn't work. I am really at my wits end. So had enough of this pregnancy lark now (and yes I do know I am very lucky to be pregnant).

LadyMaybe Fri 23-Sep-11 03:19:26

The end of pregnancy can be soooo uncomfortable - do you have a reclining chair? Or something comfortable where you can put your feet up, pile pillows around you and snooze upright? Those triangle pillows are great for raising you up a bit more if bed is the only place.
Avoid drinking too much water if you're getting indigestion it just makes it worse. Milk might help. And tiny meals of course.

Iggly Fri 23-Sep-11 07:39:48

Prop yourself up with pillows, I had about 5 arranged artfully last time.

I also had terrible heartburn. You really need to eat five smaller meals instead of three normal sized ones. Plus give it at least an hour after eating before you go to bed. Also try and drink sips of peppermint tea after a meal - keep it by your bed too. And don't let yourself get hungry because makes heartburn even worse!
Milk can help initially but dairy, being fatty, can make it worse too!

Also day naps will help a lot if you can.

HappyAsASandboy Fri 23-Sep-11 08:03:10

On the plus side, you've not got too long to go now smile

I spent the last few weeks on a sort of chaise type chair, half up and half down with a gazzillion pillows propping various parts. Looked a bit daft in the living room, but it eas necessary! If you dont have anything that reclines, perhaps one if thoses old fashioned tube/canvas sunbeds? With a duvet under you amd one over, it might prop you up enough?There isn't a holy grail answer sad

Good luck!

yummymango Fri 23-Sep-11 08:59:37

Get some zantac (rantitidine) from the chemist. I have it on prescription and it's the only thing that works. I am 39 weeks as well and mine seems to have got worse over the past couple of weeks. At least we don't have long to go hey! Good luck.

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