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How long to take co-codamol for at 35 weeks?

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acatcalledfelix Wed 21-Sep-11 20:50:45

following on from this thread

The back pain is still very much there, and as soon as I move around and do stuff, it bloody hurts. Got a physio apt next tuesday, and will have a massage at the weekend.

After taking max dose of co-codamol on monday and tuesday (2 every 5 hours, 8/30 dose), I just took one last night which was enough for me to sleep with, and I haven't touched them today. But, I'm in pain, so will definitately need ti take one before bed. Tomorrow, I have m little boy (has been at nursery yesterday and today, and MIL's on Monday but she's too far away for it to be practical tomorrow). So I have to be "on form" all day, playgroup, park etc.

I' very aware that the co-codamol is really strong, and it makes me feel completely stoned when I take the max dose. I hate taking it this close to the end, but I'm not sure what else I can do, as the pain is soooooooooo bad.


acatcalledfelix Wed 21-Sep-11 21:14:25


notcitrus Wed 21-Sep-11 21:38:08

What do you mean by 8/30 dose? Cocodamol is 8mg codiene with 500mg paracetamol, comes over the counter and you can take two 4x daily.

Then there's other brand names for the prescription strength stuff which is 30mg codiene to 500 paracetamol, and I was prescribed up to 2 of those 4x daily from 20 weeks until I went into labour - which was OK as it was my first child so the fact that I was off my face didn't really matter. (now I'm 18 weeks with dc2 and trying to stick to the otc stuff except at night...)

IANA doctor or pharmacist but given what I've been recommended I'd take some to ensure you sleep, and if you're still in great pain get an urgent GP appt for stronger pain relief. And phone all your friends to see if anyone can come help during the day and ask if nursery know if any other parents could come help you.

Best wishes!

pantaloons Wed 21-Sep-11 21:43:16

I started on 15/500 at 21 weeks to treat what was then known as SPD, but had to progress onto 30/500's towards the end. The hospital pharmacy did query the dose, but was told they were fine. I was also told to take them regularly to get the biggest benefit.

Mght be worth trying to get a slightly higher dosage to manage the pain.

acatcalledfelix Wed 21-Sep-11 22:16:46

I got the dose wrong, I'm got 30/500 so the strongest I can have I think. When I take the max dose they work but I'm off my face, and I'm worried about the effect on the baby at 35 weeks...
Pantaloons so you took the max dose to the end of your pregnancy? Did it have any bad effects for you?

featherbag Thu 22-Sep-11 04:30:59

The paracetamol won't have any effect on your baby at all, codeine has been found to have a sedative effect on baby but this is not harmful, just don't take any once you've gone into labour.

Purplebuns Thu 22-Sep-11 10:50:20

I have been prescribed co-codamol for my back and I am not allowed to take it in the second half of my pregnancy as baby can be sedated and with regular use can show signs of withdrawal at birth, as codeine is addictive. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable taking it so late and if you are taking the maximum dose for three days you are supposed to go back to the GP.

pantaloons Thu 22-Sep-11 20:49:06

Personally speaking my baby was fine and I was not told of any sedative effect, but the baby in question is now 4 so I am rather out of the loop on the advice front!

I still take them now along with a couple of other pain killers and do find they can sometimes make me quite spacey, so can see how they could filter through to a baby.

Could you phone your gp or consultant for a quick check and a bit of reassurance?

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