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Even if you haven't had a homebirth I would like your opinion on this please.

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SurprisEs Wed 21-Sep-11 15:27:12

I was intending On having a homebirth with a pool from day 1 of TTC. Over 2 weeks ago I was sacked therefore my plans to move into a bigger flat house are now limited to the council's good will. I live in a studio flat with DD and DH so a homebirth would be impossible.

End of October I'm goig to the babyshow in London and was hoping for some good prices and info on birthing pools. Should I still look and hope the council will let me move into one of their properties on time or is it unethical of me to be relying on the state for something that is a personal preference and not a need?

Note: I would have never got pregnant if I knew what was going to happen in terms of employment and my intention was to move privately and without council support.

kat2504 Wed 21-Sep-11 15:39:49

It is a need you will be overcrowded severely with four people in a studio flat and it will not be at all ideal for you. Hopefully the council are aware of your situation and your due date and you can put some pressure on them to rehouse you. It isn't your fault that your employer was a complete cock, you have done nothing wrong. Ok, you do have somewhere to live, but I would expect they should be able to put you in a 2 bed flat in the next six months. You will need to put some pressure on them.
However, I'd put your homebirth plans on hold and look at alternative arrangements for hospital/midwife led unit. Hopefully you will be rehoused in time and then you can change your mind back to homebirth if that is still what you want. By all means look at the pools but don't commit yourself financially to it just yet.

Stormwater Wed 21-Sep-11 15:45:03

I bought an unused pool on ebay for less than £50 a few weeks before my due date. I don't think the Baby Show is the only place you can get a good deal on pools, so leave it until you know if you have room or not.

SurprisEs Wed 21-Sep-11 15:49:31

Thanks for the kind reply.

I'm finding everything a bit frustrating at the moment because I have several reasons for wanting a homebirth but I feel like in order to have one I need to be fully prepared and research a lot. On the other hand I don't want to waste my time with all the planning, build my hopes up and then be disappointed and only be rehoused after baby is born. But I think the council official would probably laugh if I said I find it really really important to have this home birth and I would like to be moved on time... Maybe even call me selfish or deluded.

SurprisEs Wed 21-Sep-11 15:51:47

£50?!? Thats a bargain, I'm terrible at browsing on eBay though! Never ever got a bargain there.

I may look at the pools and get informed but not buy just as yet...

kat2504 Wed 21-Sep-11 16:02:35

Don't mention the homebirth to the council official. The fact of having two adults,a child, and a newborn baby living in one room ought to be enough. That is too overcrowded in my opinion and they should rehome you before the birth. Even having one child in a studio flat is not at all ideal.

jammyscone Wed 21-Sep-11 16:02:42

Is there no way you could fit the pool into where you are currently, if you moved some stuff about? Or is there anywhere else (friends or parents' home) you could go? I was planning to give birth at my parents house as I didn't see mine as viable, but then someone suggested moving the table in my kitchen and that's where I'm planning on giving birth now.

KateeTheBump Wed 21-Sep-11 16:05:14

You can hire pools too - you can book at any time and you don't have to commit until you get to 36 weeks when they ring you to arrange payment and to deliver the pool. I've used and am expecting my pool on Friday! So that might be another option for you? If you haven't been rehoused by the time you're 36 weeks you can just cancel and you haven't lost anything then.

Good luck, hope things work out for you! smile

lukewarmmama Wed 21-Sep-11 16:11:01

No harm looking, just don't buy anything!

You don't have to have a pool to have a homebirth, and not all women find them helpful, so don't give up on the homebirth just because of that. A bath or shower can help (although not the same thing at all). You should also look at your local hospital/MLU options in any case, so you are well prepared should you need to go in there (I've tried for a homebirth twice - first time had to be induced in the end, second time was transferred in right at the end, so have never managed the full experience at home!).

I agree a pool in a studio would be a little impractical though (nowhere for your DD to go and nowhere really for you to move around outside the pool). You can get one nearer the time if you are re-homed.

SurprisEs Wed 21-Sep-11 16:16:33

There is somewhere I could locate the pool but I don't want DD to be there. I know some people like to have their children present but I think she is too young 2.2yrs and would be frightened.

MIL house is a possibility, but I don't know how keen she would be and I would hate to feel pressured into getting it dine and over with so she could have her house back.

Yes jar it has at times been tough but we had enormous debt at sone point and had to downsize in order to pay bills and the council at the time refused housing as they say my situation was self inflicted (not really, but thats another story and not relevant to this thread). But we were doing really well and getting ready to move, so I'm really disappointed.

SurprisEs Wed 21-Sep-11 16:21:20

Yes Kat and not yes jar! Getting really fedup with autocorrect.

I like the idea of hiring the pool. Possibly the best option for me as it gives me a chance to cancel if things go wrong with rehousing. But do they charge weekly. Because that can be over a month of payments...

Catsycat Wed 21-Sep-11 21:39:30

I know you said you have various reasons for wanting a homebirth, but if you don't get your move in time for the birth, you can ask to use a birth pool at hospital. I know it isn't the home birth you want, so isn't ideal, and depends on no-one else using the pool when you want it, but would maybe be better than nothing?

I also got my pool from eBay. It was used, but so are the hosital and rental ones - we just cleaned it carefully as they would. Ended up with a hospital birth, and re-sold the pool on eBay for a slight profit. It is very much a long shot, but you could ask on Freecycle if anyone has a pool they would give you.

I hope you can get moved in time, and have the birth you want.

eightyone Thu 22-Sep-11 09:00:53

I would just plan it and hope for the best. FWIW I had a homebirth in a tiny (1bed) flat with no room for a pool and it was great anyway. You dont need much space, just a small table for the midwives equipment is all that they asked for.

Maybe arrange for someone to collect your DD?

You might want to think about arranging for someone to care for her elsewhere anyway, as even if if you do find larger accommodation you might feel inhibited knowing she's there and worry about making to much noise/scaring her etc

KateeTheBump Thu 22-Sep-11 11:26:44

Hi SurprisEs, the hire fee is for 5 or 6 weeks (you can extend it if you go overdue and the MW is still happy for you to have a homebirth), so it wouldn't cost you any more than £80 (if you went with the same company I did). It comes with waterproof mat, pump, hoses, connectors etc., so the only thing you would need to pay extra for is the hot water.

sheenlane Thu 22-Sep-11 19:29:51

Hi OP, where do you live and are you def coming to London in October?

homeaway Thu 22-Sep-11 19:38:41

I would get somebody to look after dd so that you know she is well cared for and try and have the birth you want.

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