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EmilyBoo Wed 21-Sep-11 09:02:33

Hi! Just joined, am nearly 38 wks & just been told about this essential test NOT offered on NHS that can save lives / disabilities. I ordered it for free. Apparently if you test positive for this bacteria you need to have an intravenous drip during labour to stop infection passing to baby. Has anyone any experience of this? Is it neccessary and do the Midwives agree to you having this anti biotic drip anyway - should you test positive?!!! Any advice / experiences appreciated!


Tigerinmysoup Wed 21-Sep-11 14:07:51

Hi, where did you get it for free?
I don't know much about it so hopefully someone else will be able to help. All I know is that you should be tested between 35-37 weeks apparently.

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