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Has anyone else got/had a naughty breech baby late in pregnancy...?!

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misspollysdolly Tue 20-Sep-11 19:56:16

Just wondering as I have, and am slightly worrying tonight about reduced movements and when to get concerned...

This is not my first breech baby as DS was also breech. I just can't really remember what it was like! This baby (DD2) is very high up in my tummy and just in the last 24 hours or so seems to be moving less - although is jigging about right now as I write this!! Typical children!! Is it just because of the weird position she has probably managed to get into and the reduced space (I'm 37.5 weeks now). I've had one of those days of worrying that reduced movements could mean all sorts of horrid things sad - not good.

Just wondered if anyone else is at the same stage as me, or could remember more clearly these last few squashed and stretched last weeks...? MPD

BikeRunSki Tue 20-Sep-11 20:09:48

First baby was undiagnosed footling breech until 8 cm dilation. MW thought this one was breech at 31 weeks, had an extra scan last week at 34 weeks and she is in textbook proper position. Think she dropped last night too..

CBear6 Tue 20-Sep-11 21:06:22

DD was diagnosed as a flexed breech last Monday and delivered on Wednesday at 40+3. My movements were all in my upper tummy and were more like stretches and bulges than actual kicks. I definitely noticed less movement towards the end.

If you're at all worried then contact MAU for advice, better to be safe when it comes to reduced movement.

HPonEverything Tue 20-Sep-11 21:32:01

Hi there, I'm exactly the same as you (will be 38wks tomorrow) and breech. Just like CBear6 the movements are all at the top and are more shifts and bulges than kicks. I've actually felt very few kicks but from the various scans I've had it seems the legs are in a weird position now so that may be why, and as you say it's also the reduced space.

If you are concerned then I would contact your MAU without any qualms form some advice/reassurance.

misspollysdolly Tue 20-Sep-11 23:07:18

Lots of pushing and pulling and shifting pianos going on in there just now, but might have a chat with the midwife tomorrow if she's still a bit quiet during the day tomorrow. I'm just a bit worried that she's getting more and more stuck and wedged in there and haven't a clue if this is a concern. Hope all goes well for you HP and congratulations to CBear6 - Did you have a c-section? How is DD?


misspollysdolly Thu 22-Sep-11 22:06:55

Baby is quiet again tonight. Trying not to worry too much. I'm seeing the midwife in the morning and she is moving, just not much. I think I find this late part of pregnancy as stressful as the first 12 weeks or so. Life suddenly feels a bit precious and fragile. sad MPD

CBear6 Thu 22-Sep-11 22:13:21

MissPolly, yeah. I went in for an ECV but there wasn't enough fluid to attempt it and she had the cord between her legs and feet. They told me at 10am that I was being booked for an emerency caesarean because I was term plus three (they didn't want to risk me going into labour) and an hour later I was in theatre. Bit of a rush but lovely now she's here smile

The surgeon sent a letter to my GP and a copy for me arrived yesterday, it said there was no obvious reason for her being breech and that I should aim for a vaginal delivery in any future pregnancies.

CBear6 Thu 22-Sep-11 22:15:24

I was the same the last few weeks too re: movement. Try shining a torch on the top of your bump where you estimate her head to be, I found that DH blowing a big raspberry there usually got a response too (and at least gave me a giggle if it didn't).

Hope everything goes well at your appointment tomorrow.

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