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33+5 and +4 glucose in first urine of the day. Help!

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Kimmie30 Tue 20-Sep-11 16:02:52

Just got back from my midwife appointment and extremely worried. I had +4 glucose in my urine and i has used the first wee of the day to take as a specimen so i hadn't even had anything to eat at the time of taking it. She has sent me straight away for blood tests. What does this mean?? If it is Gestational Diabeties surely it is a bit late to do anything about it as she said once the blood test comes back i would then have to go for as glucose tolerance test and that could take a couple of weeks. Well i will be 36 weeks by then.
What worries me is i have no sugar in my diet anyway as i have been suffering so bad with sickness and heartburn. All i live off is bran flakes and toast. I have lost alot of weight that i didn't have to lose but the baby is gaining nicely. So how would they control GD by diet with me?
I am extremely thirsty all the time which i have mentioned at my last 3 appointments but she never said anything, i suppose because my urine was always clear. Have a muzzy head and generally feel like pants.
So worried my baby is going to be poorly. I nearly lost my daughter this yaer to a rare brain infection and i just feel like something awful is going to happen to this baby. Pregnancy hormones are clearly making me irrational. Any advice is more than welcome please smile xxx

pepperrabbit Tue 20-Sep-11 16:12:17

Hi Kimmie, I had late diagnosed GD with DS1, finally confirmed at about 37 weeks I think?
Upshot was a long and confusing appt with the GD clinic - if you get referred take someone with you to take it all in, write notes etc cos it was a blur to me tbh. I was diet controlled - the foods you describe could still be very high even in slow release carbs. I couldn't eat toast at all IIRC.
I was induced a little early but as it was my first I didn't really know to argue and he was delivered safely about 4 days early in the end. 8lb 13oz so not ginormous smile
By the time I had my third i was able to keep well under their radar by being really careful with my diet from day 1.
Don't panic, take all the advice, you may get a scan to check the baby's size, that can be reassuring.
there are def some threads in the pregnancy archives that specifically deal with GD - often theres an on-going support thread where people share tips/diet advice.

pepperrabbit Tue 20-Sep-11 16:13:02

Oh yes, and by the time I had DD (no 3) I was drinking maybe 9 pints of water/weak squash a day if that gives you a benchmark?

featherbag Tue 20-Sep-11 16:13:59

This is how I was diagnosed at 29 weeks, I didn't have a tolerance test as the FMU glucose plus a fasting glucose of 11.2 (the blood test you've likely just had) was deemed enough evidence. You'll probably have to see the diabetic team at your local antenatal unit, and monitor your blood sugar. I have to go to clinic on Thursday after my first full week of monitoring and have been told to expect Metformin or insulin injections, as like you my diet was already low sugar. Try not to worry too much, you'll have extra scans to make sure baby's growth is within normal limits and if they decide you do have GD, which sounds likely, may induce you at 38 weeks. As long as your sugar levels are kept under control, there's no reason to think baby will be affected in any way. Feel free to PM me if you want to compare notes!

Quenelle Tue 20-Sep-11 16:35:14

I had high glucose in my urine at about the same stage as you but I was found to be just borderline at the GTT. I had to eat a low sugar diet for the rest of my pregnancy and test my blood after every meal. I was very relieved it was only for a few weeks. I feel very sorry for anyone who has had to manage it through their whole pregnancy.

DH also had to test my blood every few hours during labour, although I don't remember much about that.

This time I'm trying not to cane the biscuits whenever I feel nauseous and hope I too will slip under the radar. Although I will have to have consultant-led care due to the GD last time.

Quenelle Tue 20-Sep-11 16:35:48

Sorry, meant to say I hope your test turns out ok.

Kimmie30 Tue 20-Sep-11 22:19:09

Thank you so much everyone for replying. It is a comfort to be able to come on here and have some reassurance or just a friendly reply. I just want my baby to be healthy and delivered safely. I am so scared of something going wrong especially having shoulder dystocia at delivery due to an undected big baby. That was my second pregnancy. Had the gtt test with him but was all clear. He came out weighing 10lb after them telling me he would be about 7lb!!! No problems in third pregnancy and he weigh 8lb 11ozs at 41 weeks. This pregnancy is proving to be a nightmare.
Hopefully it won't be a massive baby or if it is that they actually detect it soon!! Very worried about how i will control my diet when i practically eat nothing as it is and haven't eaten sweets, choc or puds since the beginning as been so sick. I NEED to stop worrying!!!!!! Xx

Petesmum Tue 20-Sep-11 22:50:44

Hi, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and have been managing GD for 10 weeks now. This is the 2nd time I've had GD. I was good with my diet this time to try & avoid it with this pregnancy but to no avail, should have eaten biscuits when I had the chance grin Can't say managing GD has been fun but what I can say is that your diabetes clinic will prob ask you to monitor your blood sugars for a week and then discuss options for managing GD going forward. I've just gone onto metformin tablets as during your 3rd trimester it's harder to manage sugar levels by diet alone. Make sure the hospital give you a growth scan to check baby's size & check their policy re inducing you as I wasn't allowed to go over with DS1. Taking the tablets isn't too hard to do but the weekly clinic appointments are a pain (always loads of waiting!) and testing your blood sugars 7x a day gives you sore fingers.
Good luck, I'm sure everything will be absolutely fine.

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