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Anyone had a Subchronic Haematoma?

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Roxanne123 Tue 20-Sep-11 15:32:12

Hi Ladies,

Now 14+2 after 4 big red gushes of blood this week been for a detailed scan which showed a haematoma size 43x36x36, was told this was quite common and that it should go away in its own time.

Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this? and how the pregnancy went etc.

Roxanne xxx

TheRealMBJ Tue 20-Sep-11 15:35:41

I had one early on. It was very small. Smaller than yours iirc, but have had no problems. I didn't have any bleeding or anything and am now 36 weeks. Baby is fine.

I believe that they are quite common and usually not considered to impart any extra risk.

crazyhead Tue 20-Sep-11 18:39:22

i had one too. I am 32 weeks now - I have had bleeding on and off this pregnancy, but probably to do with my inflamed cervix. It has resolved and baby looks fine on the scans.

Firestone Tue 20-Sep-11 19:40:00

I had one both times and cervical erosion both times so it felt like I had dramatic utterly terrifying bleeds quite a lot. However both babies born happy and healthy (well one of them was footling breach and six weeks early by emcs, but that was totally unrelated to the SCH!)

Roxanne123 Wed 21-Sep-11 08:11:03

Thanks for the replies smile there seems to be a hell of a lot of sucsess stories after this happening.. feel much more positive now.

Although all the bleeding while being pregnant still scares the crap outa me xx

aimskidooo Wed 21-Sep-11 08:52:38

I had my dating scan yesterday and I think I have the same..I think confused as they referred to it as a haemorrhage, which sounds really scary. Staff were reassuring though and I wasn't worried until I got home and started googling (error!) Am now wondering if I should be being really careful or whether it's safe to carry on as normal?

Hope all is settling for you Roxanne123

porpentine Wed 21-Sep-11 09:34:19

I had two this pregnancy, at sixish weeks and fifteen weeks - both times terrifying, especially the second one since it was actually quite painful. I'm 31 weeks now and so far, fingers crossed, all seems fine. Definitely DON'T google, I think they are really common and usually either are reabsorbed back into the womb or come out as blood but don't affect pregnancy. If they're not worried, you definitely shouldn't be!

Roxanne123 Wed 21-Sep-11 12:16:35

The only thing that worried me when i did the same googling!! Was that most women have one or two with a few weeks apart.. with mine it was 4 different gushes within 9 days with days where i didnt bleed inbetween..

Its been 2 days since my last gush and just had mild spotting so really hope this is it clearing up i constantly feel on edge though its horrible xx

aimskidooo Wed 21-Sep-11 13:00:08

It is really worrying I know. How are you feeling generally? x

Roxanne123 Wed 21-Sep-11 13:41:25

Generally i feel good.. feel a little run down which i think is from the bloodloss, i was one of these lucky people when i had periods it was a 2day very light thing, so this is very unlike me!

Just keep hoping that thats it over!!

Have you had any bleeding aimskidooo? suppose we all just have to think its no harm to the baby smile which is very pleasing xx

aimskidooo Wed 21-Sep-11 14:47:57

Yes, you're right, 'it's us rather than them' is a good way to think. To be honest, I haven't had any blood, but I was told to expect it, which is worrying! I do feel like I'm waiting for it and worrying in the meantime. Had a tiny bit (unrelated I think?) at 6 weeks which really freaked me out, so I feel for you....such a shock. The way the bleed's processed by the body just differs I think? - it's either passed or reabsorbed. Try not to worry - although I'm a fine one to talk....don't do any more internerdle searching either if you can possibly help it xx

aimskidooo Wed 21-Sep-11 14:57:14

p.s are you resting ??

featherbag Wed 21-Sep-11 15:10:51

I'm 30+3, had this at 10 weeks followed by 2 weeks of light bleeding varying from red to brown. It was utterly terrifying, not least because in my case it happened in the middle of the night while on a camping holiday 400 miles from home! But baby is merrily booting me in the ribs as I type, so think it's safe to say I've had no major ill effects from it, other than the shock possibly knocking a few days off my life expectancy!

pilotsprincess Wed 21-Sep-11 15:20:58

I think I replied on your other it was a haematoma!
well like I said I bled at 14 wks, 16 wks and then on and off untill about 19 weeks.
I was also having massive clots, so every time I was sure it wasnt gonna be good news.
Im 33 weeks, baby is kicking away as I write and the problem had cleared itself up on my last scan!
Please dont worry, Ive never heard of a bad outcome from this, sonographer told me it doesnt affect baby at all.
I guess its just one of those things, still very frightening at the time though!
Take Care X

larakitten Wed 21-Sep-11 18:08:13

Yep, I had this, about the same size as yours. It burst, and causing huge bleeding - I was told to call an ambulance. Once at the hospital, they told me that I had evidence of more there, and to expect more bleeding - they were right, I bled from 6 weeks to 20 weeks, absolute gushing floods. My DD was born very sick indeed, but this was ENTIRELY unrelated to the haematoma. Its her 4th birthday today rest and take it easy, it's not always serious!

jassinkernow Wed 21-Sep-11 20:04:23

Another positive outcome here - had a smallish haematoma at 9 weeks followed by a bigger one at 11 weeks, with a big dramatic bloodloss. I can't remember the measurements, but it was bigger than the baby and looked awful on the scan. Bleeding eventually stopped completely at about 16 weeks and, other than me getting quite anaemic, there were no ill effects. DD was born at 39wks with no problems.
Hope the bleeding stops soon, it's terrifying, and try and stay away from scaring yourself on the internet (I was very disciplined about this, but DH scared himself silly with google).

Roxanne123 Thu 22-Sep-11 07:34:24

Thank you so so so much for all the replies smile it really does make me feel like i can relax and that everything will be ok!!

The past 3 days i have just had spotting so hopefully this is it easing off (touch wood) got another scan at 16 weeks to see if it has sorted itself out so just got to hope it will xx

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