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Braxton Hicks or could labour be approaching?

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Asturimama Tue 20-Sep-11 09:49:53

Hello everyone.

I am 39+5 and, although I haven't "felt" any BH so far, in the past couple of days my bump has been going hard more and more often and for longer periods at a time.
I say I haven't felt it, because the only way I know is by the look of the bump or by putting my hands on it (more often than not it's my DH who notices) rather than by a feeling of tightening or pain.
Anybody else has experienced the same? Was it long before labour? (insert wishful thinking emoticon"

dribbleface Tue 20-Sep-11 10:23:51

Hi Asturimama,

I have had this for the past month am 38 weeks with DC2, mine are a bit painful too (although this is more common in second pregnancies apparently). It could well be your gearing up for labour, but at 39+5 you nearly there anyway!

With DC1 i had them from the friday and he was born the following thursday in the early hours.

Good luck

Asturimama Tue 20-Sep-11 12:31:30

Thanks dribbleface, I certainly hope labor is round the corner, getting a bit impatient now!

I am glad to hear that you experienced the same, I was finding it a bit funny since, like I said, I do not notice the tightenings, but I can see them and feel them with my hands..

Come on baby, we are waiting for you! wink

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