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Anyone else get really... hmmm... randy

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TheRealMBJ Mon 19-Sep-11 20:55:26

towards the end of their pregnancy and does it mean anything?

I am 36 weeks tomorrow and have been feeling very frisky all weekend. Please don't tell me labour is imminent. I'm NOT ready.

sleepevader Tue 20-Sep-11 02:54:39

Hop on it MBJ

May be your body's way on bringing on labour!

KellyKettle Tue 20-Sep-11 05:08:50

Not me TheRealMBJ!

I am envy though. I've been waiting for the randiness to appear and now, at almost 35 weeks, still nothing.

DH slightly disappointed too! Enjoy! smile

TheRealMBJ Tue 20-Sep-11 05:16:25


Problem is, I'm petrified of inducing labour. I'm not ready for this baby yet. There are things I need to do, dammit.

sleepevader Tue 20-Sep-11 05:21:26

See i'm more than ready now and come 36wks I have said DP will be put into regular service.

Been threatened with possible induction. Nearly 34wks.

spookshowangellovesit Tue 20-Sep-11 09:37:12

i have been super randy since post the 3 month stage. some times its a bit embarrassing as bf gives me a look that like would you calm down a bit woman, but on the whole he isnt complaining grin. cant imagine getting randier.

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