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Question from a ttc-Er

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whereismywine Mon 19-Sep-11 18:00:19

hope no one minds me posting here but I thought you might be able to help. I've just left behind cycle no11, im 34 and feel pretty shit. I know that it isn't that long in the ttc world but it feels like 11 years when everyone else I know seems to get lucky in the first or second month, or like my brother, whilst using the withdrawal method confused I'm pretty clued up on when to dtd and have tried all sorts of timings etc but to no avail yet. Have tried most of the standard tips for ttc (aka the grapefruit/cough medicine cocktail) DH has slight morphology issues (7%) but excellent count motility, so when we saw the fertility nurse last month she didn't seem interested in that. All my tests fine so far but am starting to worry myself silly about my tubes or endo, hycosy next month. Anyway enough blabbing on.

The Question. I spot 2-3 days before my period, not a lot, and prob only notice because I'm scrutinising, but I do. Has anyone else had this and got pregnant? Sometimes it can be 5 days. Evil dr google says this can indicate endo, although I've no other symptoms I don't think.

Any help on spotting/time it takes/mild morphology info would be so much appreciated. I'm on a lovely supportive board on conception, but I could do with a reassuring lift, as this month has hit me rather hard.

MissRee Mon 19-Sep-11 18:14:03

I have no constructive advice for you as I had given up actively ttc after 10 yrs being told it wouldn't happen naturally for a variety of medical probs but just wanted to say don't give up hope - I'm now 25 weeks pg and still in shock. It's a cliche but if you relax it'll probably happen when you least expect it!

Ria x

ToriaPumpkinPasty Mon 19-Sep-11 18:23:33

I used to spot for a couple of days before my period came, only started after we started TTC oddly enough. It was one of the first things I noticed was missing the month we conceived!

I do have a friend with Endo and she informs me that if you had it you'd likely know about it.

If you want things to try (not that I'm encouraging the madness that is TTC) then the month it happened for us I was taking bee pollen (as recommended by a MNer) had a rose quartz under my pillow (hokey maybe but placebo effect is better than nothing and I've used them for stranger before now) I had reflexology two days before I was due to ovulate and a hot stone massage the day after (coincidence as I'd been having reflex for months prior but might have helped, and the hot stone was a one off) had lots to drink that weekend, including a bottle of champagne with my best friend and I held a newborn!

Good luck. I hope it happens for you soon.

AlpinePony Mon 19-Sep-11 18:33:11

hello, I was 34 when I started TTC. I'd never paid so much attention to my gusset in my life and quite a few times I found "random spotting" - which I'd never noticed before in more than 2 decades! I had a very early mc at 7 months but finally got my BFP 361 days after we decided to TTC.

I started TTC#2 when I was 36 and it took less than 6 months - probably 4 "go's" as our timing was way off on 2 of those months.

Good luck and I hope you get your BFP very soon! smile

AprilAl Mon 19-Sep-11 19:56:19

I always spot before my period, usually for around 2-3 days, but sometimes for as long as a week before AF arrives properly. I'm 35 and conceived the first month of trying (though I do feel guilty for saying that!) so hopefully your spotting is nothing to be concerned about.

Good luck, hope the BFP comes soon smile

pruney1977 Mon 19-Sep-11 20:09:14

We TTC for 2 years earlier in our marriage with no luck, then we stopped and started trying again 4 years ago, I'm now 26 weeks pregnant.
We had fertility problems on both sides and tried many things including clearblue fertility monitor (didn't work for us because I have PCOS), ferning monitor, BBT monitoring (killed our sex life but taught me to really pay attention to my cervical mucus and I learnt when I was ovulating based on what that was like), daily vitamins for both of us, preseed fertility lubricant, giving up caffeine.
The first month we used preseed when I had the egg white cervical mucus we got our first BFP; it also coincided with DH taking his vitamins for 3 months (that's how long it takes for it to improve the sperm).
I've always had spotting before my period but I had investigations for endo a few years back and was clear.

Jeezimacasalinga Mon 19-Sep-11 20:22:47

I have spotting 2-3 days before period, it was something I wondered a bit about before having children, but actually conceived all three very quickly (less than 2 months each time, in my thirties). I'd say it's really common and unlikely to indicate endo if you have no other symptoms. So don't worry about it and best of luck for next month x

Sioda Mon 19-Sep-11 20:31:21

I came off the pill 3 months before we started trying. While I was on the pill I didn't have spotting before my period but years ago before I went on the pill I remember that I did. When I came off the pill I was spotting for 3 days and then 5 days (with cramping and all) in the month before we got our BFP. I was worried about endo too because I used to have awful cramps before I went on the pill but the GP said it was unlikely and if I had a mild version of it it probably wouldn't stop us conceiving anyway. We got lucky our second month trying so I guess she was right in my case ! I'm 31.

JoZambia Mon 19-Sep-11 20:49:12

I usually spot about 3 days before AF being quite irregular it served as my warning sign, at the age of 35 i had accepted that getting pregnant wasnt going to happen for me, we had never consciously TTC I just thought if it was meant to be it would happen . Anyway not so long ago whilst absolutley plastered on pink champagne myself and DP had a rather fun night. few weeks later I feel terrible, pregnancy flits across my mind but then I notice I am spotting, so I rule pregnancy out. 4 days later still no AF, POAS just to rule it out and get a very unexpected BFP! I am now 15 weeks pregnant. So in answer to your question, yes its possible to conceive if you get spotting. Hope everything works out for you

whereismywine Mon 19-Sep-11 20:50:46

Thank you so much for replying! It is really comforting to hear that spotting doesn't necessarily mean problems. Very grateful and all the best to you all x

localcrackpot Mon 19-Sep-11 20:52:21

Hi, just wanted to say keep at it - it will happen. Friends of ours took 2 years to conceive - they were 27/28, healthy outdoorsy types. No good reason, just sometimes takes a while. Took us a few months. My only tip is do it as often as you feel you can (I'm prone to chasing DH round the bedroom when not knocked up, so it was more or less every day) and get yourself new undies/bit of kink/ whatever does it for you. I conceived when I wouldn't have thought I was ovulating but I seem to remember really enjoying it around that time blush

For a meagre silver lining, I was well up for it all the time, now I'm mostly content to leave the poor lad unmolested. The shagging was great. Now he'd have to catch me when I'm bent over the toilet, hurling my guts up, and I doubt I'd be very impressed.

Good luck, hope you enjoy the SWI and find yourself puking upduffed very soon.

whereismywine Mon 19-Sep-11 20:56:47

crackpot this has made me smile. Maybe shopping is in order! Hope the ms passes soon.

localcrackpot Mon 19-Sep-11 20:58:33

Glad to hear it smile Thanks for the good wishes - I'm 33+4 so I think I'm in it for the duration but cheers anyway!

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