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Honest opinions please ladies... am I eating too much?!

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AKP79 Mon 19-Sep-11 12:10:23

Have been suffering from terrible indigestion over the last few weeks and have been really hungry during the day. On the whole main meals are out the window and I have found it easier to graze throughout the day. However, someone who sits on my group of tables at work keeps commenting on how much I’m eating and that I’m going to end up with a fat baby... I’m now really paranoid! I had weight issues as a child and although wasn’t really fat, just a bit plump, I was bullied and I really don’t want the same for my little one. So here’s what I’m eating on an average day:

Breakfast - Bowl of plain Oats so Simple with honey
Lunch – Fresh Soup or a salad
Dinner – Small chicken breast (or similar) and veg
Snacks throughout the day – apples (usually two per day), banana, snack size chocolate of some sort, low fat yogurt (sometimes two – if I have one after dinner) and grapes. If I’m having a bad day I’ll have a packet of Monster Munch too, but that’s only a couple of times a week

Would love to hear honest feedback on whether I should be curbing my intake (I’m 23 weeks pregnant by the way)...


LadyMary Mon 19-Sep-11 12:11:45

Sounds fine to me.

RamblingRosa Mon 19-Sep-11 12:16:26

Sounds fine to me too. Ignore colleagues. Everyone always has their opinions about how big you are/how small you are/how much you're eating/. It's really unhelpful.

Is that roughly the same as what you ate before you were pregnant?

Is your doctor/midwife concerned about your weight? If not, I'd just politely tell your colleagues to sod off!

HappyAsIAm Mon 19-Sep-11 12:17:51

I don't think you're eating too much at all, very healthily actually. But you don't seem to be having many carbs. Maybe if you had more carbs, you'd feel fuller and snack less? I hope I don't come across as preachy, as you're eating much heathier foods than I am!!

PamBeesly Mon 19-Sep-11 12:18:01

Hi AK I'd up the carbohydrate at lunch and dinner if you could add some wholemal bread with the soup or some potatoes or pasta at dinner, as for those saying you'll have a fat baby, how stupid and mean. Pregnancy means you need more, ignore them, how dare they comment on you.

jammyscone Mon 19-Sep-11 12:18:30

I wouldn't even be polite in telling the colleague to sod off. They're talking out of their arse.

Gemstar28 Mon 19-Sep-11 12:20:20

Doesn't seem excessive to me. I think as long as you eat when you are hungry and don't change your diet too much from pre pregnancy you should be fine. I'm 30 weeks and have put on a stone... this is my diet

Breakfast - Musili and slice of toast
Daytime - Sandwich, bag of crisps, Chocolate bar and piece of fruit (banana normally)
dinner - which can be pasta, risotto, pie & veg, pizza & chips etc
sometime biscuits with tea before bed
I also eat a take aways as treats some weekends.

The only difference to my pre pg diet is that I now eat breakfast whereas before I never bothered. Despite putting on a stone most people have commented how I actually look slimmer in the face, arms and legs - I just have the bump. I had a BMI of 26 to start with so probably could have done with shedding a few pounds but I never felt overweight.

ArmageddonOuttahere Mon 19-Sep-11 12:20:33

That sounds like what I'd eat if I were on a bit of a diet blush

But then I'm still experiencing honking morning sickness and have developed an aversion to all food that isn't trifle or salt and vinegar Squares. I might get a fat arse but not a "fat baby"

<necks vitamins guiltily>

AKP79 Mon 19-Sep-11 12:24:23

Hi ladies,

Thanks for the feedback and reassurance!

It is roughly the same as I ate pre preggers, but I wouldn’t of had the treats like the snack size chocolate before, but I’m so tired in the afternoon’s it’s my little pick me up to see me through to the end of the day.

No one’s mentioned anything about my weight to me, so I’m assuming they’re not concerned. I’ve definitely put on weight, but I haven’t really been weighing myself because I have a tendency to become a bit of a slave to the scales.

I'm not good with carbs, I know I need to address it, some bread at lunchtime might be a good idea. It might mean I don't need the choccie pick me up too! smile

I know I should ignore people, but she’s hit on my Achilles heel with this!

hellymelly Mon 19-Sep-11 12:26:38

It sounds on the low side rather than high! all very healthy too.As someone who lived on icecream while pregnant, I am impressed.

Crosshair Mon 19-Sep-11 12:29:04

Really? That doesnt sound like much at all to me, but I've turned into an eating machine since getting past 16 weeks(currently 25).

I think if you feel hungry you should eat, your body tells you to do stuff for a reason. Also well done on the healthy eating! Ive gone abit crazy for all things carb grin

Breakfast - Fruit smoothie and a kitkat
Lunch – Weight watchers chilli and wedges micro meal + slice of bread
Dinner – Home made spaghetti bolognese + bread and extra cheese
Snacks - Random sweets, Cheese sarnie at around midnight blush

PamBeesly Mon 19-Sep-11 12:29:28

AK if you are not a big fan of carbs you could buy lentils and chuck them in your soup or salad, they are excellent for you and the baby and will keep you filled up longer than bread. Good luck smile

Pastabee Mon 19-Sep-11 12:34:58

No. Not at all.

How tragic is this person to be noting down what you eat and passing comment?

AKP79 Mon 19-Sep-11 12:42:28

Thanks again ladies! And thanks for letting me know what you're eating too... it's really reassuring!

Pastabee, it is a bit tragic isn't it? I had half a sausage sandwich from the canteen as I'd missed my breakfast on Friday, but because of meetings didn't have it until 10.30am and she said - you're not going to eat that AND your lunch are you? It made me feel really guilty when I was having my soup later and like everyone would be watching me!


spannermary Mon 19-Sep-11 12:48:35

To be honest I think it's pretty clear who has food issues - and it ain't you! Silly old colleague...

Yama Mon 19-Sep-11 12:50:19

I think you need to tell her that it is rude to comment on what someone is eating and actually it should be unheard of to comment on what a pregnant woman is eating.

HotPinkGingham Mon 19-Sep-11 12:52:49

Oooh what a hateful person to say that to you! Your diet sounds great, if anything I'm surprised you can manage on such a light lunch/snacks, I seem to need constant protein (although a bit off carbs, which is weird as I used to be a bread and pasta addict).

Just keep doing whatever feels right and eat what you need to eat! For what it's worth I would definitely have eaten breakfast, a sausage sandwich, AND lunch! My BMI is still only 22 so I don't think I can be doing anything that wrong.

Tell her to get stuffed, and eat as many sausage sarnies as you please grin

BelleEnd Mon 19-Sep-11 12:57:46

You're doing brilliantly! I lived on Star Bars. smile

KatyN Mon 19-Sep-11 14:08:38

My boss (who I sit next to) called me eaty one day (my name is katy.. I think it was a slip of the tongue).

I don't think you are eating a lot at all (and defo not compared to me). I've put on 3 stone (at 32 weeks) but I have no intention of being hungry or dizzy whilst pregnant. I would much rather have to lose weight afterwards than be uncomfortable now with all the other pregnancy stuff to go on.

[she says trying to decide which to eat first the dolly mixture or the chocolate orange bar.. having just put away a vegetable curry for lunch!]

Mmmmcheese Mon 19-Sep-11 14:34:15

You're eating a lot less than me! I could just have soup or salad for lunch even when not pregnant! And I'm usually size 10.

Broody1976 Mon 19-Sep-11 14:34:47

How rude of that woman! Rather than worry about what you're eating she needs to think about the consequences of opening her gob!!

I think you have been very restrained. I'd have let rip at her and then blamed it on my "fat baby" hormones.

ToriaPumpkinPasty Mon 19-Sep-11 14:40:55

You're eating less than me. And I have a problem processing glucose so my baby is going to be bigger than average, in fact I'm getting induced at 39 weeks because of this. But nobody has told me to eat less or change my diet (and I've been tested for GD three times)

I think your colleague sounds unbearably rude and the issues are definitely hers not yours!

NeedaCostume Mon 19-Sep-11 14:48:28

Your colleague is a bitch. Ignore. Hopefully by the time you return from maternity leave she'll have been sacked resigned.

Congrats on your pregnancy btw.

LoveInAColdClimate Mon 19-Sep-11 18:57:55

I'm eating loads more than that. Your colleague is a cowbag.

saltyair Mon 19-Sep-11 19:42:07

I can't go more than about an hour without eating something! And I have to just eat whatever I fancy, so you seem to be being VERY healthy.

I think I would be tempted to say that this person is likely to end up with a RUDE baby.

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