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Pregnant with number 2 and feeling sorry for myself and a bit freaked out.

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NinkyNonker Mon 19-Sep-11 09:11:59

Anyone else feeling crap today? I didn't get morning sickness with dd (13 mo) but feel really queasy today, and have a headache and am tired. Moan moan moan! Dd decided not to sleep well last night and was body slamming me at 4am.

I've force fed myself some porridge and am now trying to entertain dd until her nap, at which point I can lie down. She'll prob only sleep for 45 mins, grrrr.

On top of that I can't get my head around having another baby. Of course I am happy about it, but dd is still our focus and still a baby, I feel disloyal thinking about having to share time with another baby!

And how will I cope with being massive and chasing dd? And then cope with the 2 of them? If dd slept 13 hrs a night I might be more relaxed about it.

Anyway, anyone want to chat to me? DH is at work and as I'm only 8 wks no-one else knows. Sulk sulk moan moan.

bigboobsatlast Mon 19-Sep-11 11:25:23

Hi Ninkynonker. I can sympathise. I have 19 month old DD and am about 5 weeks with number 2. Very much planned and am very pleased, but have similar feelings about effect on DD and how things will be with 2. And with DD I swear I did not show until 12 - 14 weeks, but with this one I can't do my jeans up already! I know it is not a baby bump yet just bloating I guess but even so I am not sure I am going to keep it quiet for another 6 weeks!

It makes it so much harder not being able to talk about it, I am sure things will feel better for both of us when we can openly talk to family and friends about baby number 2.

With regards sleep, my DD has never slept through the night and still wakes approx. 3 times every night. I guess we just need to prepare outselves for MEGA tiredness!!

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