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Where do you feel 'kicks'

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grottielottie Mon 19-Sep-11 09:07:36

So far my baby has been breech all the way through. I'm now 36 weeks and going to find out the plan of action latter this week with regard to scans and ecv's etc. I've been looking at the spinning babies website, following the advice and trying to map the movement to get an idea of how my baby is lyeing. So my baby seems to 'kick' the top left side of my bump mainly, but I somtimes get a pressure very low too.

I was just wondering where everyone else is feeling the majority of their movement (and how this corresponds with predicted baby position and dates).

muffins Mon 19-Sep-11 09:15:46

I'm 38+2, baby cephalic as far as I'm aware. Strongest kicks at top of bump-both sides, presumably feet. Some smaller movements lower down-hands I guess. Very low down just lots of pressure, bit ouchy at times-head on bladder I think!
I get the larger kicks on both sides of tummy but can see when baby has shifted left or right, particularly when I get a really strong braxton hicks.

KateeTheBump Mon 19-Sep-11 09:23:37

Do you find you get bulges too? That would help you determine baby's position, I find that I usually end up with a big bulge in the top left or top right quadrant which is the bum, with a slightly smaller, harder lump on the other side (feet) - if I push gently on the feet the bum definitely bulges out! (I'm 36 weeks too)

AFAIK the head is a lot harder than the bum, so you might be able to tell if baby is still breech or has turned.

Good luck!

BedHog Mon 19-Sep-11 10:15:09

The feet push against either side of the top of my bump - sometimes against the inside of my ribs (ouch) and occaionally a definite foot shaped bulge around my tummy button. Movements further down are more tickly, so presumably hands, and until a couple of weeks ago (now 35 wks) some were so low that they felt 'inappropriate'. Hiccup movements are fairly low too.

I remember from DS that late on I got uncomfortable movements on my cervix, like someone was slowly rotating a brillo pad. He was quite hairy though!

whizzyrocket Mon 19-Sep-11 10:44:22

I think mine gets whole-body hiccups!

I'm 33 weeks and my baby has been breech all along too. He still has enough room to move his legs quite freely so kicks are all over the place, although generally on my right side and not very high up- I've never been kicked in the ribs. He does like to push down with his feet though and then I get a big head bulge near my ribs. He also does something at times that feels like he's star-fishing and then my bump has all kinds of corners! smile

Bartimaeus Mon 19-Sep-11 11:19:23

38 weeks, head down and back to the right. (according to last scan). This corresponds to his movements :

Sticks his bum up and out top right of my stomach (under ribs) - is a fairly big bump and hardish
Sticks his feet out on the other side - either up near my ribs or a little bit lower down. Smaller, harder bump (and a lot more active. Proper kicks, not just shifting position like with his bum).
Little movement down below, except pushing on my bladder (assume thats the head?)
Feel hiccups down the lower right-hand side of my bump, assuming its his back pressing against me and hicucping

Gemstar28 Mon 19-Sep-11 11:51:29

I'm 30 weeks, bub was transverse at 28 weeks and assume its the same now. I feel a lot of movement on right side inline or just under belly button and flutters/smaller movements on left side under belly button. Occasionally feeling movements on cervix (ouch). To date have not had any movements up high or been kicked in ribs etc....

ToriaPumpkinPasty Mon 19-Sep-11 11:59:44

34+4 and baby has been cephalic and back to right since 20 weeks.

I get massive bulges below my right ribs and kicks to the left, fluttery movement that I assume to be hands within my pelvis and very near my cervix and the newest trick is to brace against my hip and push backwards so that the entire bump shifts. Very bizarre. I also get a lot of pushes behind my belly button which I assume to be the feet or hands exploring.

BedHog Mon 19-Sep-11 12:07:24

Does anyone get proper, sharp 'kicks'? Because I haven't had any of those in this pregnancy or with DS. I get lots of pushing, squirming and stretching legs etc., but it's all slow, smooth movements rather than jarring kicks. Do I just have lazy babies? smile

voodoomunkee Mon 19-Sep-11 13:28:23

reading with interest as apparently my bubs is also breech. I get the feeling actually she just is liking her freedom and is moving about. 33 weeks. MW thought she could feel a head up near my ribs on the right hand side but I get the feelings of hiccups right down by my hips..... Also get a lot of pressure towards my bladder and little twitchy moves up by my ribs which i guess is stretching?

grottielottie Mon 19-Sep-11 13:29:37

Bartimaeus - that pretty much sounds exactly like my movements so you have given me hope that he or she is head down.

Bartimaeus Mon 19-Sep-11 15:48:33

Fingers crossed grin

DS was breech at 22 weeks, then at the scan at 33 weeks he was head down. I was asked when he turned but had absolutely no idea!

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