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23 weeks and a rash on my lower back

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spritzercat Sun 18-Sep-11 15:46:16

In the last few days I've developed a rash on the small of my back. They are sore lumps rather than spots and either itch or are really sore. I wasn't too concerned but more lumps seem to be appearing - not loads by any stretch but a few around my groin/ leg area.

Anyone got any ideas what it could be? Should I ring my midwife about this or am i bring a drama queen!

Crosshair Sun 18-Sep-11 15:56:18

eczema/heat rash/PUPP?

Give her a ring. smile

spritzercat Sun 18-Sep-11 16:01:59

Thanks Crosshair. Will do.

Oeisha Sun 18-Sep-11 19:42:02

I was thinking heat rash too. Been using a hot water bottle at all?
Def. ring MW though.

spritzercat Wed 21-Sep-11 13:29:08

Hi Oeisha, I hope you are well. No hot water bottles.
I did ring hospital midwife who didn't seem concerned but said get it checked.

Just had my midwife appointment and she thinks it might be shingles shock. I waited to see the midwife because the doctors at my surgery haven't filled me with confidence so far during this pregnancy (there's been a few 'incidents'). Having said that, now midwife has seen it, I've got an emergency appointment this aft so the GP can look at it and decide what to do next.


Crosshair Wed 21-Sep-11 13:37:05

Hope its nothing too serious.

Good luck with your gp!

spritzercat Wed 21-Sep-11 16:48:54

Thanks Crosshair. It's been confirmed as shingles. I've had some urgent blood tests done (which I was a complete queen about - in months that'll all change wink). Doctor has just called me as she's spoken to a head registrar at maternity unit who's said I need to start on antiobiotics asap.

I'm sure all will be fine but I am quietly a little worried sad

Crosshair Wed 21-Sep-11 19:54:09

Will hopefully give you some peace of mind:

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