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featherbag Sun 18-Sep-11 09:19:30

I'm 30 weeks and for the last few days have been nesting furiously! I'm writing this while lying in bed trying to distract myself from the overwhelming urge I've got to paint the bedroom door. No idea where that compulsion has come from, the bloody thing was only glossed 6 weeks ago! I've also been lying thinking if there's anything I can wash, as all the washing was finished yesterday.

This may have to do with being signed off work, I'm used to being very active and now I'm on the sick (see other thread re that, won't bore you with details here). DH and I also moved into a proper 'family home' type house 6 weeks ago, prior to which I was the antithesis of domestication. It may also have to do with the arrival yesterday of PIL and their smelly dirty dogs into my lovely clean house. Or it could just be hormones, or I could have finally gone crazy!

Whatever it is, DH, who has spent years trying to persuade me to be tidier/cleaner is wondering what the hell has happened to his wife!

Pastabee Sun 18-Sep-11 09:36:12

I've discovered when I nest I enjoy what I'm doing. Not sure if this is what defines it though.

Overwhelming compulsion to wash all wood in the house this week. Not easy at 32 weeks and a crap job normally. I actually enjoyed myself and kept stopping to sniff lemon flash. How mad and sad is that?!

I'm embracing it while it lasts and am 'treating' myself to cleaning out kitchen cupboards today.

Rock and roll aren't I?!

Pastabee Sun 18-Sep-11 09:38:54

Meant to add I've accepted I've gone crazy. DH finds it most amusing.

Bartimaeus Sun 18-Sep-11 09:57:24

I've never really had the nesting thing (38 weeks and counting).

I suppose I have had it slightly, in desperately wanting to clean after the painter had finished doing our ceilings (dust everywhere). But I find that getting DH to do it for me satisfies any nesting urge, so not sure it really counts! grin

He is being lovely though, does all the cleaning I ask (it is usually his job - my job is the cooking)

Squiglettsmummy2bx Sun 18-Sep-11 10:41:14

I'm 18 wks & have been nesting for a couple of weeks already. I have thrown out loads & last week was gardening in the rain much to my neighbours disbelief. I also went round touching up marks on my paintwork the other night. I'm sure I will stop enjoying it soon as I have run outangry of stuff to sort & am already washing baby bits.
I too have accepted my insanity smile

Beesok Sun 18-Sep-11 10:57:05

I know the feeling - I have tidied and cleaned out every cupboard in my house - all those "forgotten" drawers where stuff just gathers - all clean and properly labelled smile
Baby's clothes washed and ironed and folded or on little hangers - colour coordinated blush the excuse is I did it so that daddy will find it easy to dress her ;)
This weekend is the best bit - getting the nursery sorted, we need to move furniture out of there, stick wall decals on the wall and set up the changing table and crib! Can't wait ;)

Sleepy27 Sun 18-Sep-11 20:19:58

fetherbag, I know how you feel. I'm 34 weeks now and the house simply cannot be ready enough. DH doesn't quite know what to do anymore and seems to spend his spare time trying to do all the DIY jobs I feel MUST be done NOW (its amazing how important putting softcloses on kitchen cupboards becomes.

It doesn't help that over the last few months we've had to re-do the kitchen/carpets/bathroom and paint the babies room (the ceiling in there was plastered today, the plaster then fell off... not a good nesting experience). I'm so concerned about getting everything painted that both grandmothers are booked in over the next week to give a much needed hand with the painting so I can get on with the fun bit of wall decals and crib that beesok mentions!

blueskydrinking Sun 18-Sep-11 21:11:42

pastabee I'm actually finding this a bit surreal... I've just come onto the pregnancy board today and this is the second of your posts that I could have written. My fetish was lemon fairy liquid though, but I spent hours cleaning the woodwork and sniffing furtively when pg with DS. I managed not to suck the cloth but it was really, really hard.

I did feel like a muppet at Tesco today paying for a large trolley full of cleaning products/storage boxes... and a pregnancy test. If I was that cashier I'd have been thinking save yourself a tenner, I can tell you the result right now smile

I'm definitely a reformed character since DS, can't stand mess.

Oeisha Sun 18-Sep-11 22:52:54

I have a house that could do with someone with the energy to nest if you have some to spare. I have the mental willing, but the body of a tired and freaked-out by the quantity of shite to be done woman...

Pastabee Sun 18-Sep-11 23:09:35

blueskydrinking you've got me racking my brains for what else I've been saying....!!

I'll give your recommendation of lemon fairy a go. Nothing cuts it like the citrus products!

blueskydrinking Mon 19-Sep-11 08:36:30

It'll pass, Oeisha !

Pastabee the other one was the hunger smile I replied to that one too but did something wrong and it didn't appear. I put on well over 4 stone with DS and having just returned to something resembling my previous size, one of the signs which gave it away this time before I bought the test was that I'm already waking in the morning prepared to eat DH if nothing better appears immediately.

blueskydrinking Mon 19-Sep-11 08:40:41

Also meant to say, it was at pretty much exactly the same point in the pregnancy. Don't know what it is about 32 weeks (we were on holiday that week, it was 33 for me and I was itching to do it) and woodwork!!

whizzyrocket Mon 19-Sep-11 11:08:39

I'm finding not being able to 'nest' really difficult. I'm 33 weeks and am supposed to be moving house this week... except that now we're wondering if we'll have to postpone the move as the carpets aren't going to be in on time.

It's horrible. I haven't been able to prepare for babe's arrival. I can't prepare a room. I can't cook and freeze the meals I want to. I can't order anything as I don't know where we'll be this time next week. Everything's just everywhere.


Think of me when busily nesting.

featherbag Mon 19-Sep-11 11:24:44

Aw pet, I'll wash some paintwork for you x

Pastabee Mon 19-Sep-11 12:25:56

Oh no. One should always be allowed to nest when the urge strikes whizzy.

Feathers can clean some wood by proxy and bluesky and I will open you your very own bottle of citric based cleaning fluid.

Have you tried moaning a bit about the carpets? Assume this is a new house? In all seriousness you need some time to settle in before the baby comes so I think they should try harder to get carpets down if at all possible.

ToriaPumpkinPasty Mon 19-Sep-11 12:48:14

Can I join in? OH is pretty much watching in amazement as I blitz the house. For years he has wanted me to be tidier and clean more and now it's happening I think he's worried I'm going to start hoovering him...

I'm actually going stir crazy because OH is making the cot (yes, lovely, I know) which means I can't put it up as it's still at the place he's building it so the nursery is unfinished. Add to this we've been told I'm likely to deliver early (nearly 35 weeks atm and booked for an if all else fails induction at 39) and I'm getting a little bit obsessed. Woodwork is all clean though grin

All baby clothes are washed and put away ready (except for what I'm going to buy on Wed when I go for my last (promise) baby shopping splurge and almost all the Christmas presents are wrapped and boxed ready to be sent out in December as I just could not bear the though of trying to do it all in November!

My current big problem though is my bathroom. It's covered in mosaic tiles, and I mean covered, the floor, walls, bath panel etc are all tiny mosaic tiles. They stay clean for half an hour then are dusty again. And I have PGP so can't get into the corners of the shower. It's driving me demented!

Today's plan of action is to pack my hospital bag and organise the nursery ready for the cot to just "slot in" which means finding space for the bath as well. Then I might just sit up there and stroke babygros for a while...

Beesok Tue 20-Sep-11 00:57:16

I ordered a super cleaning agent for our bathroom floors (limestone - done by previous owner what the hell was she thinking??) and am actually looking forward to getting on all four and scrubbing the hell out of that floor!

Am I mad? I used to get excited about deliveries of clothes, shoes, books not cleaning products!!!!!

Still haven't packed my hospital bag... smile

featherbag Tue 20-Sep-11 10:47:50

Spent a good 3 hours yesterday washing, ironing and inhaling/stroking all baby bedding and babygros blush

Wouldn't be so bad if that didn't inlclude the 6mth+ ones which I KNOW I'll wash again at least 6 times before they get worn!

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