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pains and blood

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mumt1 Sun 18-Sep-11 07:42:26

Just writing as I'm concerned...I have been experiencing A LOT of pains and cramping for weeks now, I'm 9 weeks pregnant. I have had 2 scans one showed it was is right place but no heartbeat, 2nd showed a heartbeat. I bled for a few hours last week, and I started again last night but its only when I wipe. Its rly light pinky. This time is different from last week as the pains have been excrutiating for about 3 days. Even got sent home from college! Just need some advice. Like I said the bloods only there when I wipe.

justhayley Sun 18-Sep-11 08:00:28

I would get an emergency appointment with ur local early pregnancy unit as soon as possible. I'm 9 weeks on Monday and have also experience a lot of cramping - although iv been told it's probably just my womb etc stretching - feels more like a lorry is driving over me! I wouldn't ignore the fact you are bleeding iv seen loads of posts on here where the baby was fine but also others that havnt been so lucky - best to let the professions check you over so you can put your mind at rest.

I hope everything turns out ok.

Hayley xx

Oeisha Sun 18-Sep-11 22:39:53

Yup, if worried keep going back to your EPU. The stress alone isn't healthy.
I had a fairly rough time of it with bleeding (and what I'd call mild-moderate cramping, but then I was soo bad with my periods I would be bed ridden for 36h at a time) until about 12wks and have made it to 22wks so far.

I got told every visit that a MC from about 4wks on would be very heavy and clotted along with being enough blood to soak through pads fairly rapidly (I can confirm about the extreem clotting during early MC having had one, but not the soaking through pads quickly), well, take some reassurance that it's NOT like that - easy to say, I know, but true. But Stockport EPU were brilliant and wanted to see me regularly, without my prompting them, so always talk to your EPU/MW if you're worried.

mumt1 Mon 19-Sep-11 16:04:31

Thankyou, the bloods stopped now but still cramping, but have been fore weeks! It doesn't help having a toddler and a house to run and a paramedic course! Stressful isn't the word! Thankyou for replying I am going to phone my midwife tomorrow I think as I was up last night with pains.

princessfaithsmummy Wed 21-Sep-11 22:50:35

hey just reading some of ur posts im coming up 8weeks pregnant and i have been bleeding from 6weeks but i am the same as mumt1 it is only there when i wipe i went for an interal at 6weeks they said the bleeding in away from the baby then i had other one on monday there and the said there is something in the sack but cant tell yet so i have 2 go up again for another one but the bleeding is worring me as i never bleed with im 1st one so any help would be great

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