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14 weeks, bleeding.. no pain.. low lying placenta?

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Roxanne123 Sat 17-Sep-11 10:53:24

Hi ladies,

What a week i have had!! twice i have rushed to hospital with quite heavy red bleeding, no pain and no clots.

Both times everything has been fine and ultrasound shows a very healthy active baby!!

They think it may be a low lying placenta but with me only being 14 weeks they cant tell for sure. Has anyone experienced this? or bleeding with another explanation?

Bed bound for 3 days wish i had some answers sad xxx

Oeisha Sat 17-Sep-11 20:39:28

Can't help you here I'm afraid, though I didn't want you to go unsupported so am bumping you up. Fingers crossed for you and your LO.

pilotsprincess Sat 17-Sep-11 21:27:33

I went through the same thing at 14 weeks- I woke up one night really heavy bleeding, it happened again at 16 weeks.
At first they thought possibly low lying placenta, the 2nd time they seen a hematoma on the scan, its a blood clot on the uterus.
I'm now 33 weeks along! I bled quite abit then it just stopped and at my 20 wk scan there was no sign of the hematoma and my placenta wasn't low at all.
Just wanted to share because I know how worrying it is, hopefully yours will be the same and u can get off bed rest smile

Roxanne123 Sun 18-Sep-11 11:57:18

Ah thank you so much for your reply!

They said its nothing to worry about but its so hard not to when your bleeding so much.

Thank you xxx

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Sun 18-Sep-11 15:11:14

I think I was on your thread last week, I too had bleeding, I'm now 14 weeks and it's tailed off. I had a scan last week and was very nervous beforehand, assuming the worst, but it was all fine. Sometimes there is no explination for bleeding, I know with my last pregnancy i bled on and off throughout and no reason was ever found. Make sure your midwife knows what's going on, hopefully you have a nice one who'll reassure you smile

bigmacandhappymeal Sun 18-Sep-11 17:00:09

I had a very similar thing at 16 weeks (now 29+5) - really heavy bleed. The upshot was that my placenta was low and that a very small piece had come away from the uterus (bean was fine). Like you I had 3 days rest and a nervous wait until the 20wk scan to see if all was well. It was - placenta had moved right up and out of the way and I've had an uneventful pregnancy since then... It is so worrying and I sympathise with you for the bed rest - I found I just mooched about and mentalled! FX that the rest of your PG is uneventful... smile

SmileyMS Sun 18-Sep-11 19:14:22

Hi 39 weeks today; having had a very scary 6 bleeds I really didn't think that I'd get this far.

A low lying placenta was ruled out for me and after various exams, scans and 3 seperate stays in hospital they didn't ever work out what was causing the bleeds (proper red blood which arrived with a bit of a gush!)

It wasn't ever clearly spelt out to me that they'd checked for everything sinister and I just had to sit tight and hope for the best...what I can tell you though is that as soon as the baby was viable they treated the situation far more seriously and I was hosptialised for several days on each occasion.

Hugely upsetting and worrying but sometimes these things happen without any apparent cause or sinister overtones...hope this helps, I wish someone could have told me this to keep me very, very much calmer during my pregnancy smile

Roxanne123 Mon 19-Sep-11 08:06:08

Thanks so much for all the replies!

I had another bleed last nite exactly the same kind of a small gush then thats it.. bright red blood no pain or clots.

Going for a scan with a specialist to try and find the cause but baby is fine and i just have to keep my fingers crossed that everything turns out ok.


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