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Struggling to function through severe lack of sleep help!!

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roz1982 Fri 16-Sep-11 14:33:39

good afternoon. I really am a first time mum to be on the edge... Sleeping at any time is becoming increasingly harder down to all the usual reasons, restless legs, pain in back, bump in the way, can't get comfortable, weird numbness in arms, needing loo and then general frustration and despair at thought of having to be up for work at 7. I'm 32 weeks and honestly don't know how much more I can take I am just so tired. Mercifully I got sent home from work early because I must just look a state! I know there's nothing we can take, if there was I'd be guzzling it down but I'd be so grateful for any tips anyone has who is having or has had a similar nightmare x

tinky19 Fri 16-Sep-11 16:11:02

I'm 29 weeks on sun and my 17mo ds is teething so you have my sympathies! Literally had no sleep after 2am. DS wrapped round my face was the main problem!
A good tip i was given re loo trips is to rock back and forth as you wee. It helps to empty your bladder completely.
Restless legs, try tonic water.
Have you tried propping your bump up with a pillow if you sleep on you side?
The last thing i can think of is trying one of the hypnotherapy birthing cds. Your supposed to stay awake i think to take it all in but it seems to be the impossible challenge.
Good luck.
(by the way, the worse sleep is now the less of a shock the first exhausting few weeks with your baby will be smile, your in training!)

whackamole Fri 16-Sep-11 16:15:20

I am 35 weeks tomorrow and have stopped work now as I was just so tired I could not function without a 2 hour midday nap - obviously not really feasible! However I have 2 2.8 year olds as well.

Didn't know about the tonic water tinky - had that really badly last time, not too bad this time though.

Good luck roz. Can you sleep elsewhere for a while? I found sleeping on the sofabed for a couple of nights helped, don't know why really but it was a godsend to get a full nights sleep!

muffins Fri 16-Sep-11 16:29:46

On a similar line to sleeping somewhere else, I find that if DP sleeps elsewhere we both sleep better. I seem to relax more, prob as I am not so worried about gassing him with my copious amounts of wind or using his head as a lever to try and roll over (this only happened once and was a genuine accident but he keeps going on about it!!)

you may find it gets better though, I seem to go through stages of sleeping better then insomnia. Hope u get a good kip soon x

roz1982 Fri 16-Sep-11 17:06:20

Thanks for advice ladies. Might try that hypnotherapy cd thing as I think one of the main problems is not being able to switch off. Just tried to get a couple of hours sleep before dh gets home but my thoughts are just all over the place at the moment. And yes, if we had a spare place to sleep I would definitely give that a go but only have the living sofa and feel so mean asking dh to sleep on sofa!!!

redexpat Fri 16-Sep-11 17:08:29

grin at muffins using DPs head as a lever! I use my DH as a cushion and either prop my bump on him or use him as support for my back.

Roz1982 have you been to the GP pr midwife recently and had your blood checked for iron levels? Because mine were low, despite taking supplements and honestly the moment I doubled my iron intake I felt like a different woman. I know that won't help with the sleeping, but it won't run you down any further. Have also found a sleepmask helps a lot right now. No idea why.

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