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anyone tried the epi no?

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clazlapaz Fri 16-Sep-11 04:23:17

Is anyone thinking of using this Epi No balloon thing to prepare for delivery, or have you used in the past? i can't decide whether it is a total waste of time!

nothingnatural Fri 16-Sep-11 04:43:30

Hi Clazlapaz they seem to be recommended here in Aus. I've known a couple of freaks friends use them.

At least one of whom spend months stretching her <aham> vagina only to have an emergency cesarean section. So double disaster, baggy um, undercarriage + c-scar. So no guarantees that they will enable a smooth easy delivery.

I find them utterly wierd but each to their own.

Pinkles Sun 25-Sep-11 19:41:04

Hi Clazlapaz
I bought myself one as my doc asked me to and have been using it for three days. Only managed to inflate the balloon to 5 cm so far but hoping I manage to go upto at least 8 or 9 cm by the end. It is expensive but I feel like it's the closest I'm coming to feeling the sensation of giving birth , realising I'm definitely going in for pain relief and grateful if it helps me avoid tearing or an epiostimy.

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