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Grumble, Grumble Grumble

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dribbleface Thu 15-Sep-11 21:22:51

just want to rant 3 year old has been a little sod challenging today to say the least! I've gone to bed early to recoup some strength for tomorrow's battle. have agonising hip pain (seen physio), heartburn, and strong Braxton hicks. feeling miserable and sorry for myself. thank goodness only have 2weeks left- will be induced at 40 weeks due to low platelets.

glitternanny Fri 16-Sep-11 07:26:07

Hope today is better for you! X

dribbleface Fri 16-Sep-11 08:51:22

Thanks, was just having a sorry for myself moment!

Imnotaslimjim Fri 16-Sep-11 08:58:46

I remember that feeling well. When all you can think is "is it nearly bedtime yet" Hope he's a little calmer today and your hips aren't too bad. I had severe SPD with DD so I understand where you are coming from

dribbleface Fri 16-Sep-11 10:26:13

Well this morning started well but looking a little pearshaped now! Hips are suprisingly good today, gonna decamp to nanny's house for an hour or so for his own safety i think grin

Thanks for the support, glad it's not just me.

themightyskim Sat 17-Sep-11 10:53:12

Dribbleface since I found out I was pregnant me and my DSD seem to be at war lol, my lovely little friend has done everything she can to make me bad, my sympathies to you - send him to nannys and have some relaxation time sounds like you deserve it!!

dribbleface Sat 17-Sep-11 21:03:06

well got my little angel back today, but did spend the day on a windy beach flying a kite. too much walking for me but was worth it as we had a really nice fun day together.

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