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High nuchal, CVS waiting for echo/abnormality

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RockyRoads Thu 15-Sep-11 18:00:08

This is my first post, so apologies if there's another thread on this topic.

I'm 17w 5d and had a nuchal of 5.1mm at my 11w 5d scan. Had a CVS, which was clear and am now waiting for a detailed heart echo and abnormality scan which is not for another 3 weeks. I work full time, which helps to keep me occupied for some of the time, but I am really struggling with recurrent thoughts and dreams that my baby's going to die and feel completely detatched from the pregnancy. I find it very difficult to be around pregnant women and have lost all desire to see friends/speak to family etc.

I just wondered if anybody else out there is in a similar situation..

Crosshair Thu 15-Sep-11 20:44:51


I havent been in your situation, but it might be worth trying the Antenatal tests choices section.

Hope you find what you need. smile

peanuthead Fri 16-Sep-11 13:40:56

Rocky - I had similar, 7mm nuchal, clear CVS etc. By 17 w they may be able to see what's going on with the heart, they could with me. I had a heart scan at around 14 w and they couldn't see properly and was due another at 20w but I rang the midwives at 17w and asked if I could bring it forward to see if they could see anything as the wait was driving me slowly mad. They were so kind and they did and they could clearly see the heart. I was at St thomas's in London.

My outcome wasn't good but hopefully yours will be better. I feel for you - that wait between the nucal and the heart scan was the worst 6 weeks of my entire life and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Try phoning and see if you can bring it forward. Good luck.

HPSource Fri 16-Sep-11 14:03:42

I also haven't been in your situation but having had a few complications along the way I've always felt better when I've tried to take some control over the situation rather than waiting for things to happen. peanuthead offers good advice - try to get the scan moved forward - and if they refuse, could you go for a private scan? I've found most of the midwives/doctors (etc) I've spoken to willing to help and be flexible when they know a problem is causing anxiety. Best of luck.

RockyRoads Sat 17-Sep-11 13:24:38

Thanks all of you for your advice

RockyRoads Sat 17-Sep-11 13:26:01

argh, haven't got to grips with this yet. I'll try again!

Thank all of you for your advice, really appreciate you taking the time to post. I also hadn't realised that there's a antenatal tests area, so thanks Crosshair

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