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Has anyone else experienced this???

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becks130 Thu 15-Sep-11 12:28:32

Hi all,

I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and went to DAU today for a blood pressure and urine check as I have a family history of high blood pressure and strokes at a young age. They decided to do a CTG and baby was VERY sleepy and my blood pressure was a little high so they have said that I have to come back if I feel unwell or not feeling 'right' however little it may seem, they were very insistant and have told me to come back next week when I also haveto have a growth scan and Dr appointment (these were already booked)

Has anyone else had this? Have they induced you early? The midwife commented that she didn't see the point in refering me for phsyio for SPD that I am also suffering from as she said that I would have delivered the baby before I get an appointment, is this her way of saying that I will be having baby early?

Any advice would be great as I am starting to panic a little.


phlossie Thu 15-Sep-11 12:37:14

I should think they're worried about pre-eclampsia? I would do what the midwife suggests and be very aware of how you're feeling - headaches, etc, and how baby seems - make sure you count kicks and pay attention to baby's movements esp. If anything worried you at all, go straight in. Don't panic, but do be alert!

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