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Baby brain has got me!

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Jezzabell Thu 15-Sep-11 10:41:53

I've always been a relatively together person and have never been the forgetful type. However I'm now 15+4 with my first and have noticed that I've been becoming a bit more forgetful. Although this is the worst thing I have done so far.

I just wanted to share what happened this morning so you can have a laugh and sympathise with me!

I went into my coat pocket at about 9.30 this morning whilst sat at my desk in work and somehow noticed that my house keys were not in there. I thought it was odd as I always lock the door and put them in my coat when I leave the house. I suddenly got that 'dread' feeling and realised I had more than likely left them in the front door! I jumped up from my desk and infomed my colleages I had to nip home as I thought I'd left the keys in the front door (luckily they all know I'm pg now so hopefully didn't think I was too mad!). Rushed home, calling DH on the way to tell him what I'd done, to luckily find them still in the front door. I think it was a bit too early for opportune theives to be out and about. Called DH to let him know it was all ok, bless him, he was very kind and told me not to worry and stayed on the phone whilst I checked the house for robbers!

Note to self - remember to put keys in pocket after locking front door, even when fiddling with new phone and trying to call sister in Australia!

GetOffOfMyCloud Thu 15-Sep-11 12:27:53

I sympathise completely!!

Just the other day, I opened my car door to get out and noticed that there was a little picture on my dash that was a top view of a car showing the passenger and drivers doors open. I had that awful feeling that I had driven all the way to work with the passsenger door not shut properly, I got out and went round to check, went back to the drivers side and the picture was still the same, it took several goes of this for me to remember that the picture is the same regardless of which door is actually open - it just shows that there is A door open, not which one(s)

Oops grin

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