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How much paternity leave is your DP going to get?

(30 Posts)
Allboxedin Wed 14-Sep-11 20:05:51

? smile
Mine is getting 5 days............

Nagoo Wed 14-Sep-11 20:06:58

he's entitled to two weeks? no? confused

Allboxedin Wed 14-Sep-11 20:08:32

I don't know, I thought it was longer but he said he won't get paid if over 5 days? They are being mean with his holidays too. He is owed 18 days and they say they can't let him have it this year as they are too busy. Stinge bags.

BikeRunSki Wed 14-Sep-11 20:11:50

2 weeks statutory paternity leave, on statutory pay.
No nice "full pay" time or extra employer-granted paternity leave. He has plenty of annual leave saved up though.

susey Wed 14-Sep-11 20:17:23

Paternity leave is 2 weeks legally, Allboxedin.

MixedBerries Wed 14-Sep-11 20:21:53

Mine gets none because he's self employed. Well, I suppose he can have as much time off as we like but then we'll have no income! It's all academic at the moment anyway as it's looking like he's going to be in hospital on my due date having surgery. Not ideal to say the least!

Allboxedin Wed 14-Sep-11 20:23:44

hmmm, He has been working there for about one and a half years, would that make a difference? I think he should get back to them on that if they are being unreasonable.

Flisspaps Wed 14-Sep-11 20:23:59

Two weeks (on SPP at £123 per week) as is the legal statutory right.

Your husband's employer cannot refuse him his statutory leave, nor can they refuse to pay him the legal minimum amount.

Flisspaps Wed 14-Sep-11 20:24:40

That makes no difference Allboxedin - he's allowed his 2 weeks.

RhinestoneCowgirl Wed 14-Sep-11 20:24:52

DH (who works for a large international company) got the 2 weeks on statutory pay. Apparently the maternity pay is really good - mainly because they don't employ many women I think, apart from in HR.

Flisspaps Wed 14-Sep-11 20:26:38

This questionnaire may be helpful for you and DH to complete, and then give a copy of the final page to his employer!

Scheherezade Wed 14-Sep-11 20:26:42

2 weeks statutory pay - which isn't anywhere near enough and he isn't taking. So instead he's taking 2 weeks holiday.

BikeRunSki Wed 14-Sep-11 20:27:12

... but for those two weeks, they only have to pay him the minimum amount, not his normal salary. Directgov page. Since April this year though, there is new legislation about mums and dads being able to share the term of "maternity leave" too.

dribbleface Wed 14-Sep-11 20:27:41

2 weeks is statutory right. DH taking one week as they are making redundancies at his place and his boss has asked if he could manage only a week he would be grateful as no one else knows what they are all in all we thought we would go with a week as its not a bad position to be in.

Last time he took 2 weeks and although i wondered how i would cope i think it was actually a bit easier on my own as i had to manage. Gonna be different with 2 though!

To be fair to DH and his boss both have said if i need him to be at home for 2 weeks then so be it.

Florin Wed 14-Sep-11 20:27:52

It's statutory pay only for paternity leave. Any extra from the company is a bonus my dh gets 2 days fully paid but that is only because he is a partner at his company if he wasn't it would only be one day-you would be doing well if you gave birth in that time frame!

ALotToTakeIn Wed 14-Sep-11 20:29:56

Mine is self employed too so hopefully he will manage to take 2 weeks off hmm but I'm guessing he will still be working for some of each day. I suppose it depends on how the baby is and what catastrophes happen with the business.

pozzled Wed 14-Sep-11 20:33:55

He is legally entitled to two weeks off, but only at statutory rates. Some companies pay above the statutory rate- I'm pretty sure that my DH's workplace pay either the first week at full pay or two weeks at half pay. Effectively the same thing, but I guess it looks very attractive to just take one week and not lose any wages.

Allboxedin Wed 14-Sep-11 20:37:42

Maybe he has decided to take just the one week because of the min pay then, he's not home yet but will ask him when he gets in. Dribbleface, same here - toddler and newborn but yes it might be easier him going back to work grin my mum said she will come down anyway once he goes back.

Crosshair Wed 14-Sep-11 20:40:56

Two weeks.(2 days normal pay)

HPonEverything Wed 14-Sep-11 21:11:56

None, nada, zilch. He is self-employed.

Theoretically great as he can take as much time as he likes, but in practice rubbish as he is finding it difficult juggling customers and jobs (even now and I'm only 37wks but having a load of issues which need trips to hospital and being told any visit could result in labour/caesarian). He will probably lose about a month's pay overall. C'est la vie.

MissTriangle Wed 14-Sep-11 21:16:51

I am dead lucky as OH gets two weeks full pay + smp .. We were surprised at how much he would get, but definitely not complaining. Mind you his pay is appalling for the hours that he does, but that is a different argument!

Rollersara Wed 14-Sep-11 21:40:29

Two weeks as annual leave coz we can't pay the rent on statutory!

notlettingthefearshow Wed 14-Sep-11 21:41:43

DP gets 2 weeks full pay. He's also taking 2 weeks annual leave. Should be enough time to get us into a routine (she thinks naively!). By the end of that he'll be desperate to get back to work!

Pastabee Wed 14-Sep-11 21:45:39

DH gets a week at full pay and then a week SPP so he is taking a weeks leave instead of the SPP week.

Beesok Wed 14-Sep-11 22:05:33

same as Pastabee he gets one week full pay and the other he's taking A/L as he has enough days left and there is no point in cutting your salary.....
although his work environment is very cut throat and my due date is at a very busy time so I am preparing myself for a situation where he might have to go in for a day or two (not right after the birth but maybe second week). Am not too bothered smile we'll cope and he can always take some more A/L later smile

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