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Twinges in tummy at nearly 9 weeks....

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MillyStar Wed 14-Sep-11 16:28:56 this normal?!

I've not got period like cramps i feel more 'tender' not to touch but i get the odd twinge and go 'oooohhhh' and stop what i'm doing for a couple of seconds!

Is this normal?!

I'm so excited about this pregnancy i just feel REALLY parnoid today, i've got £70 in my bank to last the next 2 weeks i'm debating nabbing £30 off my bf on friday and going for an early scan to put me at ease!! x

NunTheWiser Wed 14-Sep-11 16:31:28

It could well be just your uterus starting to stretch and expand with the pregnancy. Save your money. Go to the GP if you're concerned and ask them to refer you for a scan.

pozzled Wed 14-Sep-11 16:37:00

Probably absolutely normal, I had some pains like you describe. But if the pain is severe or one-sided or if you're just concerned, do see your GP. They won't mind checking you out.

HotPinkGingham Wed 14-Sep-11 16:38:43

I remember having this early on, probably up until around nine weeks. Apparently it is your uterus stretching. I was told that as long as it only lasts 30 seconds or a couple of minutes, isn't really painful and you don't have bleeding, it's nothing to worry about. You could still go to your GP though and get booked in for a reassurance scan, or if you have an Early Pregnancy Unit near you, you can often walk in and talk to a specialist nurse and get scanned there and then.

That type of twinge has now moved on (I'm 13 weeks) but have lots of other weird twinges in my tummy, sides and back on and off - again, all apparently very normal stretching/relaxing/opening sensations.

Good luck - sure you'll be fine.

Btw, £30 sounds really cheap for a private scan - I thought they were usually more like £95 (or do you mean £70 + £30 = £100, which sounds more like it!).

MillyStar Wed 14-Sep-11 16:43:30

Yup £97 up the road from me!!

Just found out a lads wife is expecting at work and she miscarried at 9 weeks last time but is 13 now, which got us to talking about someone else who also miscarried at 9 and guess who is nine weeks on fri, yes me!! So i think i'm just being paranoid plus i've picked a couple of boxes up today so my mind is going overdrive, plus i had a termination at 9 weeks about 8 years ago when i was 18 (please don't judge me!) so it's all 9 weeks 9 weeks 9 weeks today!!

I'll have a healthy tea and a nice bath tonight and get an early night i'm just being silly ;) x

HotPinkGingham Wed 14-Sep-11 16:54:49

Ah that makes sense then - if you'd found a magical £30 private scan place I think a lot of people would be queuing up!

Yep, the paranoia is pretty hard-core in early pregnancy isn't it?! I have worried about so many things I've done (lifting, exercising, eating the wrong things, twinges, then not having twinges etc. etc.) - it is exhausting.

Sure you'll be fine but if you really get worried see the GP or EPU to put your mind at rest.

happydaysahead Wed 14-Sep-11 18:37:08

where are you based millystar I just had a reassurance scan (I'm 10 weeks) and it was £50 which I thought was pretty cheap. It is between Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone - Kent Medical Imaging - if you are anywhere near that part of the country. You dont need a referral, it really does put your mind at rest if you can stretch to it, alternatively do you have an EPU near you that might do one if you say you are concerned?

MillyStar Wed 14-Sep-11 19:39:32

I'm in Manchester, cheapest I can find is about £90 and that's city centre so would cost me a tennor in public transport or parking!

I cant feel it now, maybe because work today was very pregnancy based I thought about it more, mind over matter maybe! My tastebuds are a mess I've had 4 mini squares of flapjack for tea, want a maccy d's now but I'm too lazy to go, it's the only thing I could face x

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