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Membrane sweep? Did you have a successful one?

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weetabixnraisins Wed 14-Sep-11 13:18:46

I have been offered a sweep next Weds when will be a few days over.

I would be really interested to hear others experiences, especially successful ones!

Baby is already 3/5 engaged and has been for last 3 weeks and I am really uncomfortable walking with tugging pains and heaviness in my pelvis which is making me lean towards having a sweep. I actually didn't have one when offered with my 1st preg because the idea of it really didn't appeal to me but neither was I uncomfortable enough I think!

I can't bear the thought of being a week let alone 2 weeks over, but I don't know that much about the success rate of a sweep and whether the discomfort is worth the potential reward. Are they more sucessful if baby engaged/ second preg?

Welcome any advice/experiences, thanks! ;0)

SurprisEs Wed 14-Sep-11 13:26:26

I had sweep last time, on my due date. Next day I began to have contractions. So maybe it was the sweep, I dunno. But I wish I hadn't had the sweep as the baby was back to back and maybe would've turned with time.

weetabixnraisins Wed 14-Sep-11 13:40:47

Thats my thinking, how do you know if it was the sweep or not? perhaps that is why it is hard to find actual success rates for them (just been googling it! ;0) It seems 50/50 at best from my search just now. Some websites say it is more successful if your cervix has started to efface (sp?) and thin ready for labour, maybe I could ask to be examined before deciding whether a sweep is worth trying. I do feel a bit scared of having one I have to be honest. Thanks for your reply.

weetabixnraisins Wed 14-Sep-11 13:52:00

Sorry everyone, just found two very similar threads to mine in the last few days and they contain lots of helpful info- next time I will check this first so as not to basically repeat conversations! smile

SurprisEs Wed 14-Sep-11 13:53:47

It wasn't a scary, difficult or long procedure. Weird because my husband was there the whole time watching another man with his hands on his wife (sorry tmi) and it was uncomfortable because I was told "we're goig to do a sweep" not " should we perform a sweep? Would you like to know more about it?"

chinateacup Mon 19-Sep-11 12:09:58

I had a sweep at 0845 on Fri, started contracting in the afternoon and DS2 was born at 0542 on Sat. So, I'd say that worked- hadn't had any signs whatsoever before that. She was rather vigorous though - had a far gentler one with DS1 to no effect.
She did tell me that it's easier with no2 though as the cervix never fully closes after birth.

Ebb Mon 19-Sep-11 15:22:44

Yes. I had a sweep at 38+6 at around 11.30am. DD was born at 8.15pm that evening after a 4hr labour. The Consultant doing the sweep had said my cervix was ripe and my waters were bulging. I do think if she'd accidently broken my waters whilst doing the sweep, I'd probably have had the baby there and then. grin It was a bit painful and uncomfortable ( she was rather thorough ) but I was in far more discomfort being pregnant if that makes sense.

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