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feel terrible, how will i cope with hg AGAIN?

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cantsleep Tue 13-Sep-11 19:57:23

Im 6 weeks with dc4 and feel horrendous, had hg with all my previous pregnancies, hospitalised with my first and on medication (cyclizine with ds and stemetil with dd2-neither worked).

I feel dreadful again already, constantly vomiting anything i try and eat and i dont know what to do.I cant end up in hospital this time as have 3 children to look after and not much support so i need to avoid getting that bad again but i dont know how?

Have tried vit b6 but it hasnt helped at all and am going to gp tomorrow is there any other medicine i could ask for that might help me avoid ending up in hospital?.I feel miserable and scared i dont know if i can face hg again i nearly lost my mind last time and even considered a termination it was so bad which made me feel guilty and a horrible person-im ok once the sickness goes at about 22-24 weeks but untill then i really suffer and im terrified of it.

sorry,long post.

Oeisha Tue 13-Sep-11 21:53:50

Can't help you with the hyperemesis, though wish I could.
Thought you might like to see the support thread. here Seems very well populated. Hopefully they can give you some support.

Good luck with it sweetie xxx

nannyl Tue 13-Sep-11 22:35:26

i am at the end of my 1st pregnancy and have had HG, and was in hospital etc

(40+2 now and still being sick and still on tablets etc etc.)

what i believe helped me slightly and stopped me going back to hospital was having accupuncture and having needle plasters inserted into my wrists.

It was still horrendous and im really not looking forward to getting it again, if i do, but it think my accupuncture allowed me to go from feeling so ill i thought i would die to, feeling very crap, but managing to keep down a small amount of food /drink sometimes.

Id be lieing if i said it made it better, it didnt, but for me it made it perhaps 1 notch better, and any amount of better is worth it IMO.

Good Luck.

monkeycat Tue 13-Sep-11 23:49:33

Oh poor you .

I had HG with both my pregnancies .

There ARE other medications that your GP can prescribe - neither Cyclazine or Stemetil worked for me but Ondansetron ( sometimes called Zofran) did work to an extent. Ask your Gp for that .

I think you can also get some kind of steroids if all other meds don't work .

I didn't discover it until after my pregnancies but the suppport thread mentioned by Oeisha looks useful.

Best of luck with your GP - remember , if you have an unsympathetic GP , you can always see a different one . In my experience they often have different opinions on HG medication.

Hope it goes ok.

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